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Jan 29, 2009 03:04 PM

where to buy lime for soaking dried corn?

I'm trying to make the corn tortillas in Diane Kennedy's Mexican cookbook--have got the dried corn and the (clamp onto the counter-type) meat grinder, but can't seem to locate LIME anywhere. Some of my smartypants pals say I should go to the lumber store and buy the stuff they mix into cement. Are they crazy? It's hard to imagine cement and tortillas sharing too many ingredients.

I'm in Colorado and was thinking of heading to one of the larger Hispanic markets.

Appreciate any help!!!

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  1. No, don't use industrial limes, as Heaven only knows what's in them. Food-grade lime is not too hard to come by. You might want to look at these links for info (the last one has a product for sale):

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    1. re: Erich

      Thank you thank you thank you! This is exactly the info I needed. Now here's hoping the tortillas are worth the ingredient quest!

      BTW, does anyone know of a good tortillaria in Colorado Springs or Pueblo?

      Thanks again!

      1. re: miss louella

        Tortilleria Delicias. They are on on Sante Fe just after the turn out to Blende. The flour tortillas are best after you warm them on the stove. We purchase both the corn and flour tortillas as they are night and day better than the stuff in the store.

      2. re: Erich

        The pickling lime idea was just the ticket. After trying all the health food stores, a couple of hispanic groceries and pleading with pals who were in Santa Fe, I found it at ::::blush::::: WalMart; in the canning jar aisle. Thanks again!