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restaurant near Piney Orchard Ice Rink in Odenton

Any good foodie choices? can be crummy but good or just good and nice, have a 4PM hockey game and then want to eat near by afterwards or someplace on the way back to Montgomery County that is worthwhile.

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  1. Grace Garden for Chinese food. See http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/520156 for a zillion reasons why. I was there right before Christmas - amazing! Have fun!

    1. Pachanga just bfore Rte 175 is decent

      1. Kaufmann's Restaurant
        329 Gambrills Rd.
        Gambrills, MD


        1. how does grace garden compare to say Paul Kee or Holywood East on the BLVD in Wheaton or lets say Eat First or Chinatown Express in Chinatown DC?

          Have been to Kaufmans many times and it is definitely an option. Used to love Karyoke and Crabs they used to have on saturday night

          Keep the options coming

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            You should read the thread that poohbear linked. That should answer all your questions about Grace Garden.

          2. How about Hana in the Piney Orchard shopping center. Right next to the rink. I haven't had the chance yet, but hear good things.

            Hana Japanese Cuisine
            8743 Piney Orchard Pkwy, Odenton, MD

            1. For me, Kaufmann's is a major disappointment. I still go there for steamed crabs. I can't recommend anything else except some of the servers are attentive and nice. My family has been going to Kaufmann's for over 40 years, we all agree it has gone very down hill.

              Grace Garden is six minutes away from the Piney Orchard rink. Grace Garden is fabulous. The fish noodles are heavenly.

              Pachanga is total tex-mex. I like the chile verde.

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                I agree with ya Treva.....once they changed owners....things aren't the same. I don't even buy crabs there anymore, and that used to my once a week place for crab carry out. The outside bar is nice in the summer, well it was.....until they built that little strip shopping center next to it.....same owner....guess greed took over what was the nice family place.... I like Pachanga when I can sit outside, inside is to crowded....maybe it's just me. Love the Chesapeake enchillada though.......

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                  Thanks cb1. Where do you buy crabs since you gave up on Kauffmann's?

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                    I shouldn't complain so much about Kauffmann's...it is fun to sit out back and enjoy some crabs. This past summer if I had to buy crabs, I bought them from Crab Galley...good most of the time. But most of the summer crabs were free. It's nice to know people with crab traps out in the water :)

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                      Keep complaining about Kaufmann's. Maybe owner James King will heed the criticism. It's a shame to see such an institution fall so far from grace. Is it safe to presume Kaufmann's remains profitable despite the decline? The neighborhood sorely needs a good restaurant. I'm going to stop buying crabs there as well. I'm with you, cb1.

              2. we went to Grace Garden and loved it. food was great. loved the Fish Noodles, crspy chicken in a honey garlic chili sauce, beef chow foon, chicken with basil and the chinese donuts; The pork belly with mou sui sauce and cabbage and the sesame shrimp were OK. The hot tea was good. Some of the waitresses were good and some less good but everyone was nice and the owner chef came out and talked to us. This place is a gem for food but not much of a place for decor. I affectionately have added it to my favorite "crummy but great" group of restaurants and will certainly go back again when in that area or maybe as a destination. No wonder there were 170 replies to the original review on Chowhound, it does speak for itself!