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Jan 29, 2009 02:46 PM

DFW - Best Place to get Poulet De Bresse - DFW

Ok so I just finished up a episode of Hestom Blumenthal's - In Search of Perfection cooking show. The particular episode was about sunday roast chicken and all the trimmings. Apperantly in Britain they have differnt sides than we do here in the South. The main star was the poulet de bresse, a particular chicken that is blue footed from the Rhone-Alpes region of France. The bird has specific guideline like the area given to each bird has to be no less than 10 square meters.

Anyway I was curious if anyone knew where to get such a rare bird. The bird has a much bigger breast, is definitely free range, and well sought after. I know the price will be steep but I am willing to share with a few fellow foodies.

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  1. At the bottom of the wikipedia site is a link to the official French association site. Did you go there? What a hoot! Only the French! There's an email link. Perhaps you could try that route. It doesn't sound like they share many of these birds. Let us know if you snag one.

    1. If you're open to a similar variety raised in California (California Poulet Bleu), you're in luck. My french father-in-law has ordered many birds from this website over the years.

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        Wow, that is one expensive fowl!

      2. I think Food and Wine did an article mentioning "must use" California ingredients and the blue foot chicken was one of them. If I was in California and saw it at the farmer's market, I'd buy it. However, living in Dallas, I don't know. It's pretty darn expensive and I think that's the price before shipping. If you buy it, please report back.