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Jan 29, 2009 02:46 PM

What to try at Damon: Frugal Friday

Going to try this out tomorrow night, but I've read that it's a little bit hit or miss with the dishes. And although everything is $10 and under, I suspect the bill can add up pretty quickly. That said, has anyone tried Frugal Friday, yet? Those of you that have, any recommendations on what to order?

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  1. sorry, haven't tried it yet, but i walked by craft last night and there was sign in the private dining space (and by sign i mean a piece of construction paper taped to the door) that said "Damon: Thrifty Thursday's" and they had an under $10 menu posted too. people were coming in and out, but it wasn't crowded around 7:30 pm.

    1. Didn't get to try. At about 9pm last Friday, the wait for a table for 2 was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

      1. Went last night, definitely get the oysters, the cod fritters, the manchego plate and the mozzarella with spicy tomato jam. And the $4 "Headache" cocktail with cognac, kumquat and lemon is actually kind of amazing. Enjoy!

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          i went last night as well... a little over 1 hour wait at 9pm.

          i had a good time but the food was actually not very good.

          highlights (and i use that very loosely): pizza with ricotta and black cabbage and truffle oil, cod fritters, chicken wings, fresh mozzarella.

          lowlights: rillettes (very oil-y and gross), shrimp in a jar (just a salty mush), duck hearts (very dry and kinda gross).

          nice staff and i had a decent time with my friends but the food is not good at all. i appreciate what theyre doing but it fails in my opinion. ended up costing $50/person...i couldve gone to a ton of better restaurants for the money.

        2. thanks, everyone, but i actually didn't get a chance to read your recs before i went. went right after work on friday, got there around 6:30. that's pretty early, so there was no wait.

          overall, i enjoyed the food. a couple of things weren't so great, i.e. duck hearts, pig ears, and the ricotta and black cabbage pizza.

          my favorites were the cod fritters, the chickpeas, warm oysters (yeah, warm!), manchego plate. the meat skewers were good, but i felt like they were the biggest rip off on the menu at $4 for a single tiny skewer.

          my bill was actually pretty big, $70 pp including tax and tip, but we had quite a few drinks and tried a lot of the menu. i think if we'd had a normal size meal and fewer drinks, it would still be around $40-$50 pp. so, yes, definitely better meals to be had at this price, but it still beats eating at the real craft. definitely worth a try. i think i might even be going back.