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Jan 29, 2009 02:31 PM

Upscale not too pricey for 40's - 50's crowd in SF?

looking for a sf restaurant with great ambiance and good crowd in their 50'sh....ambiance matters more than food (gasp!), not too pricey, not too gritty (i.e., not in the mission). thinking SPQR? Perbacco?, Tadich (always a classic), Ducca?

any recommendations would be very helpful.

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  1. Ambience more important than food, for a 50ish crowd?? Sounds tailor made for Bix.

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    1. re: Eugene Park

      thanks eugene, i just actually called bix (and kokkari, spruce and nopa) - - all were booked, but we'll try walking in. good sign i suppose!

      1. re: lungalux1

        Bix is down an alley with no parking, and the streets getting to that alley are on an incline. Might be a bit laborious trying to walk in, then walk out if they can't accomodate you. Of course, you could just hang out at the bar for awhile, which is a fine way to have a few cocktails.

    2. Must confess I have never been to SPQR, Perbacco or Ducca. I'm kind of a homebody. But perhaps the OP (a Tadich fan) would enjoy Alfred's fine old red velvet spiegelkamara (?) '40's steakhouse atmosphere. Pretty good cocktails too (they present you with the entire shaker)Not kitsch, the real thing. P.S. Very important... don't get dessert!