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Jan 29, 2009 02:26 PM

Best tiramisu in town

I haven't been looking for very long, but the tiramisu from Caffe Vittoria is terrific, the best I've had. Can anyone top their version in or around Boston?

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  1. This is all very subjective, but my favorite is at Teatro

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    1. re: ghostcat

      I agree. I don't know the sources, but I've enjoyed the tiramisu at both Euno and Teatro a lot more than what I've had at Caffe Vittoria. I like my tiramisu moist, but not falling apart w/ a good balance of lady fingers and cheese/cream. Don't like tiramisu cake or those that have whipped cream instead of cheese.

    2. Last weekend I had a fabulous tiramisu at Bin 26 Enoteca (on Charles Street in Boston).

      1. Tough for me to call one version the best over the other......but the Tiramisu at Bina is pretty incredible.