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Jan 29, 2009 01:56 PM

Making Soy Yogurt

As a departure from an earlier thread, I want to make soy yogurt at home. Do I make it the same way as dairy yogurt, just heat the soy milk, let it cool, add the culture, and incubate? Or are there extra steps?


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  1. I, too am interested in making soy yougurt, so I googled "how to make soy yogurt" and quite a few sites popped up. See what you think. I haven't checked out any of these sites yet, but from the headings, I think you'll get your question answered, maybe more quickly than here. Good luck!

    1. The soy protein acts a lot like the milk proteins, so that should be all you have to do.

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        Really? Thanks! I'll have to give it a try. I'd like to try it with almond or other homemade nut milk, and I haven't been able to find much on google about that.

        1. re: morphone

          Nut protein is a lot different from soy or milk. You could give it a try, but I'm not optimistic. It would taste very yummy though.

          1. re: Bryn

            Do you think it would taste good with the same fermentation?

            1. re: morphone

              Yes it would. I worry that the proteins might not coagulate and you'd get a runny yogurt. I guess you could add some starch like they do for commercial yogurts though.

              1. re: Bryn

                Bleh, that doesn't sound like good eats. Hrmm, may have to think on this more.

                1. re: morphone

                  I'd try a small sample batch! What could go wrong?