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Jan 29, 2009 01:33 PM

Rice storage

Would it be better to store rice (both aged basmati and short grain koshihikari in ten pound bags) in the refrigerator, in their original opened bags, or should I empty them out into an airtight tin or bin of some sort? If the tin or bin is better, what type is preferable--metal or plastic?

I've stored ten pound bags airtight at room temperature before, and found the rice at the bottom of the bag wasn't as good smelling as when I first opened it. I don't think it spoiled, but I'd like to maximize taste and freshness as long as possible, and we don't eat rice everyday in our two person household. So, I'd like to store it differently this time. (I don't have room in the freezer, however.) I've tried the search function here at CH to no avail, and can't seem to google up the answer to this question, either.

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  1. We get 25 lb bags of brown rice and then smaller ones of other varieties. We use a 5 gal. plastic bucket w/ a screw top down in a cool cellar. Seems ti work fine. do the same w/ beans.

    1. I have stored rice in the freezer to kill bugs in it and I usually store it in a cool place, like garage, which in the winter seldom sees above forty F. I think an airtight container is important.
      Aged basmati? That's a new one on me.

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        The best basmati is aged (spread out to dry on 'hopefully' a concrete floor" for one or more years before shipping. The bags will be marked "AGED" while non aged may or may not be marked "NEW CROP".

      2. So long as it is dry and cool. If it is going to be warm and humid while you are storing it you are likely to have some problems. Here in Honolulu I keep mine in the fridge. Lots of people don't, but they go through it faster than me (a single person trying to watch my carb intake.)

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          Yep, I'm with KaimukiMan...I live in SW Florida...I keep my basmati rice and brown rice in the great for me! Being single, I also use mine sparingly! Love the Alton Brown baked brown rice I've ever done with brown rice!

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            He does the same with barley..... sounds good, but I would probably mix the brown rice and barley together (memories of winter in Seoul).

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              Yes! I've made his baked barley recipe too! Comes out great also...I use the hulled barley for extra nutrition, not an easy thing to find here...but Whole Foods sells it.

        2. I buy a 25 lb bag of jasmine rice and store in gallon zip locks. 5 lbs fits in a gallon zip lock freezer bag. These go into the freezer and one bag stays in the pantry to be used

          1. Brown rice gets bought in relatively small quantiities and lives in the freezer to keep the oils in the husk from turning rancid. White rice goes in stackable 21-quart airtight containers made of food-grade plastic. Each one will hold a 25-pound bag of rice or beans with some room to spare; there's one container each for basmati, jasmine, sushi, and medium-grain rice.