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Jan 29, 2009 01:32 PM

Eating Trips Outside of Paris

My wife and I are in Paris now - having a blast. We would like to take an overnight trip into the countryside to visit a "gastronomic destination". We would love some recommendations. Somewhere within 2-3 hours from Paris on the train. A restaurant, a town, a chef, an inn - whatever.


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    1. A real adventure would be traveling east to the restaurant L'Arnsbourg, outside of Strasbourg. The resraurant is in the middle of nowhere, but has a nice new hotel attached and the food is highly recommended.

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        Absolutely second the idea of L'Arnsbourg. It is absolutely a magical place and the Klein family are superb hosts. There is now a TGV train from Paris to Strasbourg and then a cab ride to L'Arnsbourg. You should spend the night - it really is in the middle of no where.

        See pics here:

      2. I was going to recommend Jean Bardet, in Tours, and attach a link to their website. I found the website, with a notice saying, “Jean Bardet did his final restaurant service last Thursday, February 28. We regret to inform you that we can no longer welcome you at the Chateau Belmont.” That would have been last year, ‘cause that’s when Feb. 28 fell on a Thursday. Sad. I always wanted to go back. My husband and I had a life-altering, 3-hour dinner when we stayed there many years ago. Does anyone know if M. or Mme. Bardet passed away or if they retired?

        1. You could go to Troyes and eat andouillette (if you're into that) and go to the outlet malls (if you're into that). Otherwise, just go and drink a lot of champagne. You could probably arrange a champagne tour, although there's not much to see in the vineyards right now.

          1. L'Huiterie in Lille is one hour from Paris and a short walk from the train station, or you can use the metro there. Had a klovley meal there last October. Michelin one star.