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Jan 29, 2009 12:25 PM


CH - Here's the 411. My chowhubby loves seafood (and quite frankly so do I). However, I am allergic and only allow myself to indulge in it out on the coast (won't get into it)...anyway, I often go to Coastal when he needs his fix for crab claws, etc. or we go out for shellfish.

I'm thinking of lobster for Valentine's Day. BUT, has anyone ever tried getting it shipped from one the lobster websites? I heard that Lobster Gram is one of the most reputable...but has anyone actually used one of these websites?

If not, does Coastal carry them? I presume so? Any time I go in there - I just go right to the back for the crab legs on the bottom and the superior crab cake...nothing else so I've never really looked.


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  1. Do you go to the Coastal in Minneapolis? Because the St. Paul customers are standing next to the lobster tank when they reach for the crab legs.

    Both stores sell frozen lobster tails, and they are just one or two shelves away from the crab legs.

    1. We bought cold water lobster tail from Kowalski's (frozen) for New Year's Eve, and it was absolutely delicious. I would do so again.

      1. Like KTFoley, I've seen frozen lobster tails at both locations of Coastal.

        And, thanks for the reminder about those crab cakes. Let me just say, those crab cakes are really good! I think it was St. Paul Susie who turned me onto those.


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          I got 2 well sized (1 1/2 pounds each) lobsters at the St Paul Coastal last week - they were excellent. $17.99 a pound. I am firmly in the camp of "the bigger the tougher" regarding lobster meat. I've never purchased frozen lobster meat or tails.

          Crab cakes are our go to fast meal in this house!

          The salmon salad is also an excellent quick meal option.

        2. We have ordered from LobsterGram several times. They are very reputable and the product is of high quality. They also include utensils and very clear (and amusing) instructions for cooking. We've had their lobster tails, lobster bisque, lobster cakes, lobster pasta, and filet mignon. All were excellent. The steaks are far, far better than you'll get from Omaha Steaks. The prices are high, but the value is definitely there.

          1. Coastal Seafoods sells live lobster. The tank is at the St. Paul location, but I typically order it from the Mpls location. Since you are planning in advance, you can order it and let them know what size lobsters you wish to purchase and pick them up on Valentine's Day. It is a good value and the lobsters are very fresh (alive and kicking vs. "fresh" lobsters that are on their last leg).
            As for purchasing lobster online, because we have family in Boston, we receive a gift certificate from Legal Seafoods for X-Mas each year. We've not been disappointed with fresh lobster from Legal (and their clam chowder is great- really hits the spot on these cold winter days). But because of overnight shipping costs, Coastal is a more afforable and just as tasty option (less the chowda').

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              I knew I'd get the info I needed! I go to the Coastal in St Paul and now that I think about it -the lobster tank IS there...I just had to think more about it! I'm a bit afraid to purchase a live one myself (hubby would tend to it); with the crab legs-I just wear gloves and steam them in a double steamer pot) ..with a lobster, not sure how to do it? Is it ez? I've looked online on how to prepare...lobsters for dummies.

              Jordan-thanks for the LobsterGram tip..I might check out this Legal Seafoods website as well. I did see that just the shipping alone was $35.00 - but it's worth it to get a quality product...and maybe I will check out Kowalski's-probably the biggin' in Woodbury to see what they have as well.

              TDQ - my hubby is in agreement. He says the Superior (or Imperial?) is much better than the simple crab cake...he said they're just so good!

              1. re: snoboardbabe77

                Since I'm trying to slim down, I also get the crabcakes they say are "lighter" which I think is NOT the imperial one. That one does sound good, though!

                You might consider doing a search and/or posting a query on Home Cooking re: how to cook your lobster; here's a link to a particularly memorable thread on the topic, as well as links to a couple of others:


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                  Cooking live lobster is not as initimidating as it might seem. We steam ours. The timing depends on the weight of the lobster. If you cook them at the same time, I'd try to find 2 of same weight. The key is to ensure that you don't overcook them. Personally, I prefer whole lobster to the tail, because I quite enjoy the delicious claw meat and the tomalley. If you don't have them already, be sure to get claw crackers to make your dining experience more enjoyable. Good luck and enjoy your Valentine's Day.