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Which 3rd Corner is better?

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Oceanside or Encinitas? The menus and wine selections are similar but differnt?

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  1. I like the original (I assume you mean Ocean Beach and not Oceanside) better. The menus are largely identical from what I recall and I found the food eqivalent during my one trip to Encinitas. The Encinitas location has more seating and easier parking, although I have never had a problem finding street parking within a couple of blocks of the OB location. I think the reason I like OB better is that it has more of a homey ambiance, while the Encinitas location feels more stip mall restaurant to me, if that makes any sense. Be prepared for a wait at the OB location...we have had to wait up to an hour for a table of 4 during prime time. However, you can spend your time picking out wines for dinner and testing them out at the bar.

    1. Ocean Beach. Hands down.

      In my opinion.

      1. No question, OB.