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Jan 29, 2009 11:30 AM

Any hole-in-wall restaurants in Riverside?

I will be spending a day in Riverside and wondered if there were any terrific hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Riverside or very near by. Things like outrageous donuts or great diners would good, too. Also, wondered if there was a place for really good Mexican food.

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  1. I'll second the request as I have to be in Riverside on business this Monday.

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      While searching for PHOOD (which I never found because I walked the wrong way down the block), I went into and had lunch at Simple Simons (on Main directly across from the Mission Inn).

      (When I went in I asked where the Galleria Antique building was - because apparently PHOOD is in there downstairs) but decided I was too hungry and just ordered. I had a BLAAT (bacon, spinach, avocado, turkey) on a croissant with raw veggies on the side. Fresh and tasty. Salads also looked great as well and seemed to be big sellers.

    2. This is probably too late for your trip, but try Brandon's Diner at 10271 Magnolia Ave across from the Tyler Mall next to the soon-to-be-closed Circuit City. Fabulous Mexican (try the chile verde omelette) or American (cinnamon roll french toast) breakfasts. Pretty decent hamburgers and other diner classics too, but I can't stay away from the breakfast. Also, if you like menudo they do huge bowls with all the fixin's on the weekend. And they will bring it with "easy meat" if you like the broth and stuff but not the tripe. They are always friendly and they also do pretty good chips and salsa.

      1. Hey, thank you for the suggestions! It is not too late; this time I planned ahead and we are not going to be there untill later this month.

        I have to admit that I am little wary to eat somewhere called Phood but I will look into both Simple Simon and Brandon's Diner since we will be there alllll day, passing time.

        How is the Mexican food at Brandon's for lunch? I can't seem to get enough (good) Mexican food!

        1. IMO Phood is worth the search.

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          1. re: KChevlin

            I second this. IMHO it's significantly better than Simple Simon's--maybe I've just gotten burned out on Simple Simon's, but lately all of the grilled bread has been excessively oily. I've always thought it was overpriced--basically $15/person for sandwich lunch--good sandwich, but still.

            I do think the BLAAT is the best sandwich there, though, and if you go, get the chocolate bread pudding.

          2. thank you for ll your help! I have convinced my husband to keep going to Palm Springs. Now, I just need to find a lunch spot there...