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Jan 29, 2009 11:11 AM

Sushiya: H@ll Yeah!

I had a long glowing review about this place that I visited last night but as I was going to post it, my boss came in unannounced forcing me to use my ninja computer skills to pull up a spreadsheet in .3 secs. In the process, I killed my post.

So like a novel in school that you never read, here are the footnotes:

Great Space: you can sit in a private booth, at large table, at the bar or sushi bar-use to be Kaizan.
Very good, fresh fish that comes in daily (according to the main sushi chef).
Good variety of fish/shellfish/raw bar and a nice menu if sushi is not your thing.
Amazing preparation: Both chefs that night have been in the industry in and around the region for more than 15 years. The food reflected their skill level.
Priced below most good/average sushi spots I've been to in Philly.
Also, full bar, not byo.

In conclusion, it's the best sushi I have had in the city in probably a year (since my fav place changed owners). Very fresh, melt in your mouth fish with great presentation and service. If you like sushi, and are in the city, give it a try.

1420 Locust St.

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  1. Hey juice, how does it compare to Zento and Uzu? I'm not a giant sushi fan but I think those two are my favorite places in the city.

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      BH, you and I are in the same boat. I live in the neighborhood and frequent both Uzu and Zento quite a bit. I would rate it sightly better than both spots with a more affordable menu (Zento is just so pricey). Plus, their portions are great. Good sized rolls, nice pieces of sashmi and the sushi was much more fish than rice. My buddy got an oyster app (komomoto sp?) which looked awesome. The chef prepared them in three different sauces. I went expecting nothing and was throughly impressed. Plus I guess they have a pretty good happy hour ($1 domestics all day Monday and Tues). A place is only as good as its chefs and these guys were on point. I will be back (heck maybe tonight).