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Jan 29, 2009 11:08 AM

Frankie's 457 Lately?

Has anyone been to Frankie's lately? Most people seem to love the place, but the few bad reviews are SO bad that it makes me nervous. Trying to decide between there and Dressler. Want really good food, pretty room, not too loud or crowded.

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  1. I haven't read these bad reviews (just haven't looked) but it is really loud and crowded at Frankie's. I love the food there but I think lunch there is a million times more enjoyable than dinner. I haven't even been able to get in for dinner in years because it is so crowded. They have the same menu at lunch and dinner and imo, one of the best meatball sandwiches in the city. Also, I'm not sure if they take reservations--maybe only for larger groups.

    Haven't been to Dressler but would probably pick that one based on your requirement for "not crowded" alone. They take reservations.

    1. Frankies has very good italian food - my group last summer was very pleased with all our dishes and the wines, and seating - but we were sitting in the garden. Im not sure how spacious or quiet their winter accomodations are.

      No opinion on Dressler but there are surely other less crowded restaurants around, just or example Tempo, Convivium, ICI.

      1. The food at Frankie's is very good, but it is much more rustic and casual (in all ways- food, decor, etc) than Dressler. Frankie's is our standard week night kind of spot. Food is very good at Dressler too. Dressler, in my opinion, has a more romantic, special feel.

        1. I went there once with a party of four, and found it so noisy that I could not hear the people next to me talking. They should remove some tables to address the noise. I also found the menu to be more limited than I had imagined before I went-- it was hard to put a meal together.

          1. I was just there this past weekend, and had a really good meal. Meatballs were great, as was the linguine cacio e pepe. I saw another reply about the limited menu and that's kind of true but hasn't really gotten in the way with getting a meal together. I've eaten at both the one on Court and the one in the LES and have always had great meals.

            FYI, the owners are in the process of opening up a new restaurant a few doors down called Prime Meats. They are using the space now to deal with overflow for diners waiting for tables. The space is really cozy and they have a nice cocktails list. Not clear on when they will be opening up.