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Jan 29, 2009 10:52 AM

We don't eat seafood!

Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in or around the French Quarter that are not too seafood heavy? Half of our group doesn't eay any seafood! (strange place to pick for vacation, huh?!)

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    1. re: Samuel Smith

      I had dinner at La Boca last night. I absolutely love that place!
      It would be a great choice and I can't wait to go back!

      1. re: Isabella

        Maybe some of your friends would enjoy seafood that was actually fresh & prepared a correct way. They probably think "Red Lobster" when someone says seafood. Perhaps you can talk them into trying some good fresh shrimp or grilled redfish at some point.

    2. Lisa,

      Don't fret. While there is certainly seafood to be found in New Orleans, you'll have no problem working around that restriction, especially in the areas you mention. Just about any restaurant you try will have plenty of non-seafood offerings (unless you select a seafood-focused place, which seems unlikely given the preferences of your group). Look through the recs on this board and you will have plenty of options. Enjoy your trip!

      1. I know that drill I often travel with non-seafood eaters. One good choice is Arnaud's. It is a classic FQ spot, about 100 years old and capable of very good cooking - even if the menu hasnt changed in 20 years. They always have speckled trout meuniere and one or more forms of pompano on the menu and depending how the fish are running they often have redfish too. The key, both at Arnaud's and elsewhere, is to specify to the waiter that you do not want shellfish becuase most places will take a piece of fish and grill, saute or fry it and then dump a handful of crabmeat on it or douse it in a crawfish studded sauce.

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        1. re: Glutton_ny

          I adore Arnaud's but don't order the bacon wrapped quail. Mine was dry and inedible.

        2. Everytime I hear "don't eat seafood," Cochon immediately pops into my head. Search the board for what I am sure is a large number of reviews or check this one out below.

          930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. Herbsaint, Cafe Giovanni, Irene's, La Boca, Rambla.