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Jan 29, 2009 10:44 AM

Lime Leaves

I tried to make a new dish last week and used lime leaves, coconut milk, galangar and yellow curry paste. I added about 6 lime leaves to the mix of two cans of coconut milk. Didn't like the taste of the end product and I think that it was the lime leaf flavour. Tasted a bit soapy? I now have a bunch left over and thought I should try something else. Does anyone have a recipe that tastes great using lime leaves? Thanks!

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  1. You can add them to anything, they are just an aromatic. Try tossing a few into a roasting chicken. Crush a couple into a gin and tonic. Of course they are often used in Asian dishes but you can put your own spin on them too. Use them anywhere you would regular lime juice or zest.

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    1. re: HaagenDazs

      Do they give a soapy flavour though? Sorry this is the only way that I can describe it...maybe I used too many? I thought that they would taste more lime flavoured then the flavour that I had from the dish.

      1. re: T42

        Gotcha - I haven't had that problem, so my short answer is no, but I suppose it's possible. Maybe it was the curry paste? They do not taste the same as lime juice, that's for sure. I often use them in conjunction with lemon grass and ginger and the aroma is more like a citrusy-floral aroma. Maybe it's the floral that's giving you that soap-like taste?

        1. re: HaagenDazs

          I don't think it was the curry paste as when I smelled the leaves it was the smell of the leaf and I guess you could call it floral. I did use lemon grass and galangar (white ginger?) Maybe it is just not my flavour :-( I would like to try something else though if anyone has any recipe suggestions.

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            Hmm - who knows. Not a lime leaf expert. My only suggestion is try it in lesser amounts or in different dishes.

            Galangar is a kind of ginger, yeah... not a ginger expert either. ;-)

    2. Any cilantro in it?

      Some people think it tastes soapy. Not me though

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          No cilantro in it-although there was silken tofu in it. Cilantro is a personal favourite of mine.

      1. I usually just use 1-2 per batch of curry, for which I use 1 can coconut milk. Maybe you used too many.

        I wrap up extras and put them in the freezer, or leave them out to dry on the counter. My asian market sells them in pint containers, so I feel ya on having a ton left over.

        Also, did you use them like bay leaves, or did you grind them up? I've seen recipes that call for them to be mortared into the curry paste, but I prefer to use them like bay leaves and let them steep.

        1. you're talking kaffir lime leaves?
          here are several recipes:

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            I did use them like a bay leaf and did not grind them. They were just listed as a lime leaf. Thanks for the link and I think they look the same as the Kaffir lime leaf. Maybe I did use too many as I used 6 for 2 cans of coconut milk. I looked at some of the recipes on the site and i think I will try some of the soup recipes. I love the visuals to show how to tie the lemon grass etc.

          2. I'd agree the recipe calls for too many.
            I store extra in my freezer.
            They're good for aroma in the rice pot with a slice or two of ginger.