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Jan 29, 2009 10:36 AM

Irish Scene

I am taking my second trip to New Orleans this June and I was wondering if there are any irish pubs that have actual live irish music or sessions within the French Quarter or surrounding areas. Thanks!

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  1. You want Kerry Irish Pub. They do not serve food, but have reasonable drinks and great music. Check out their online calendar to find who is playing, their bands represent traditiona Irish music, bluegrass and others diverse groups, as is the clientel. The Irish music we've heard there has been pretty darn good.

    I'd eat prior to visiting the pub, as you'll stay to listen to the music, and drink, for hours

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      If you venture out the quarter, Finn McCool's in Mid City is authentic an Irish pub as you'll see in NOLA

    2. Thanks for your help and suggestions! We will probably end up checking out both of them!

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        I meant to say "live authentic Irish music"....not actual...that sounds kinda silly.