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Jan 29, 2009 10:34 AM

Homemade Rootbeer...anybody make their own?

I have looked for recipes to make my own rootbeer without success. I don't want an extract, I want to try and make it from scratch.

If anyone has any suggestions or experience...?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Chow did a feature on this a while ago. I haven't tried it but they tested it and there are plenty of comments to course correct if necessary im sure.

    1. I've made a simple homemade gingerale - simply boiled fresh ginger down to concentrate flavors, cooled, added a simple syrup (sugar water) and club soda.

      I assume you'd need sassafras to boil down for root beer.
      The FDA says this is slighlty carcinogenic, but I think they're worried about you making ectasy.
      Maybe google sassafrass tea, and go from there?

      1. I tried it - ONCE!!! Blew the top off a bunch of bottles, generated a mess in the "brewery", decided it's easier to buy it when I want it. Never tried it again.
        If you must do it, this page has a recipe for making root beer with commercial extract and without:

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          This is a general complaint for most everybody making a bottled carbonated drink for the first time (like beer). Its also why most people don't try again.
          As I mentioned, I made a SIMPLE gingerale, mixing homemade extract with sweetener and club soda. Plus it was a mix and drink as you go.

          To go full bore, it'll take more knowhow and trials, I would think.