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Leftover crab - recipes?


I bought a container of lump crab meat and am planning to use 1/2 for a seafood risotto. I have to use the rest up within 4 days so any ideas ??


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  1. Two of my family's favorite dinners are crab quesadillas/tacos. Can fancy it up with lots of optional condiments (cabbage, tomato, avocado, sour cream, limes) or make it two sided, cut into wedges and serve with a big salad.

    1. I'd use it up faster than 4 days... like tomorrow. It goes bad very quickly and if it's not "bad" it gets rather aromatic in the meantime, shall we say! It's a pricey mistake to let it go bad. If you don't want to cook with it, just toss some on top of salad greens and eat it that way.

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        Cepes filled with crabmeat. Or fill an avocado with with it. But whatever, do it soon.

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          Crab cakes - bread crumbs, an egg, spices of your choice. Bake or pan fry till brown Serve with remoulade sauce or tartar sauce. You can make sandwiches, serve by themselves or put on top of salad. I agree with HaagenDazs. I wouldn't hold on to the crab meat very long. It is highly perishable or crab and corn soup, chowder. If you have Zatarains where you live they have a good white sauce in a box you can use as base for the chowder. Then add corn and stock.

        2. Someone posted here earlier today about a crab guacamole on endive. Sounds delish:

          1. Crab cannelloin might favorite (with a wonderful bechamel sauce), or Crab Louies the real San Francisco treat!

            1. Olive oil and garlic angel hair with sauteed spinach and crab, maybe some red pepper flakes in the olive oil.

              1. Maybe a steak Oscar with crab, asparagus, and hollandaise. I do a similar version with a pork tenderloin I call "pork Felix".
                HaagenDazs is right. Even though it may be technically edible for a few days, the distinctive sweetness fades much more quickly.

                1. I often use up extra crabmeat by making crab stuffed deviled eggs. They are always a big hit.

                  1. Three items, quesadillas definitely, I use a roasted tomatoes, smoked gouda, scallions and black olives. Melt and top with sour cream, quacamole.
                    Quesadillas with black beans, monterey jack or a good white mexican queso blanco and diced tomatoes, melted and served with condiments
                    Same thing but grilled mango, avacado, some bbq sauce with added honey and soy and montery jack cheese, topped with sour cream and a tomato salsa

                    Ok, enough of that ...
                    Ravioli, mushrooms, scallions, ricotta, smoked gouda or a montery jack or a gruyere and some shallots. Don't out flavor the crab, even some fresh wilted arugula is great with this. Served with a light cheese bechemel and white wine sauce, fresh dill

                    I simple bisque. Add some shrimp and some sherry wine, potatoes, celery, onions, I like leeks, a little fennel, fresh herbs and the crab. Add some good fish broth (vegetable will work) and cream. Top with sauteed pancetta and a fresh finely chopped mango a nice baquette with grilled baquette and melted gouda and served with fresh parsley.

                    1. Crabmeat Crusted Chilean Seabass (or other fish of choice) http://www.recipezaar.com/Crabmeat-Cr....
                      So easy to make, but also rich and delicious.

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                        Thank you all... Definitely leaning towards quesadillas or crab cakes especially since they would be different enough to have the next day.

                        Thanks again,