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Jan 29, 2009 10:17 AM

Someone Else's Dime - Where to Go?


One of the (few) upsides to my job is the opportunity to be wined and dined on someone else's budget. My colleagues and I have usually gone for sushi, but we have been brainstorming for other places to enjoy. Criteria to narrow the selection are:
- Good for moderate-sized groups of 5-7 people
- Vegetarian accommodating
- Not astronomically priced (Urasawa is too high, Soma is a reach)
- Within 4 miles of Miracle Mile
- Decor (one of my coworkers would eat cold Spam if the setting was elegant enough)
- Of course, excellent food!

We've had great experiences at Craft and higher-end sushi restaurants because of the dining interactivity and broad selection.
All cuisines are welcome. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Cut would be my first choice.

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    1. re: Obessed

      Thanks for the response!

      Cut is definitely on any shortlist of places to go, but I'm not sure if its appropriate for a vegetarian and the prices are a bit too high.

    2. Gordon Ramsay at the London comes to mind. Nice bling-bling decor, vegetarians welcome, and the food was awesome when our party of 6 went. Mention the words "corporate account", and the service does get a tad better...

      1. What do you get vegetarian dish-wise at sushi restaurants? Just the side dishes like eggplant?

        I would've suggested Providence if it wasn't for the vegetarian thing (not sure if they do it).
        Places that come to my mind are Grace, Ortolan, Spago, Osteria Mozza and The Bazaar (the decor there is quite something, even if it isn't the classical "elegant").

        Also, I haven't been but have heard good things about Drago Centro.


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        1. re: burumun

          Well, vegetarian in this case actually just means kosher--one member of the team cannot eat meats or shellfish. Fish, on the other hand, is ok.

          1. re: Hegenbarth

            Ah OK. In that case I'd highly suggest Providence.

            Jar is also good :)


            1. re: Hegenbarth

              Agreed with burumun - Providence would fit the bill nicely if fish is allowable. Hatfield's, the Little Door or Hungry Cat is also worthwhile (though the latter is a bit more casual-noisy).


          2. How about Lucques -- or better still (bigger dining room) -- Jar?

            1. I know -- Hatfields! Small resto, food outstanding, but decor is minimal...