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Jan 29, 2009 10:16 AM

A use for leftover pan-roasted potatoes

I hosted a business dinner, and wound up with the leftovers. They include a container of pan-roasted potatoes (the kind you get at Greek or Middle Eastern restaurants.)

What can I do with them? I was thinking of mashing some up with an egg and making potato pancakes, or perhaps slicing some and tossing with olive oil and parsley. Any ideas? There are dozens of these little guys, so I can try several different ideas.

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  1. How about hash? Corned beef or whatever kind of meat you may have local diner makes a duck hash, red flannel hash, lamb hash. The chef is a creative genius!

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      P.S. Here is a link to a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives clip of my hometown's much-loved diner, O'Rourke's featuring Brian O'Rourke himself making duck hash! Brian, we love you!

    2. Breakfast. Sliced and fried in bacon grease until lightly crisped. Add some onion, bell peppers, sliced garlic, serve with bacon, ham, or steak, and a couple eggs over your way.

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          Those are great ideas. I would also like something a tad lighter, maybe minus the bacon grease.

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            I save leftover potatoes in smaller zip loc baggies to toss into soups that I'm making. Same with leftover veggies, meats, etc. Heat up some stock, toss in the frozen things & you have a yummy, easy soup.

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              Yeah, just cut back on the bacon fat. Use a little for flavour.

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                Assuming the potatoes were original coated in some sort of fat when they were roasted, there is probably enough grease still clinging to the potatoes that you can put them into a dry pan, or one that is lightly sprayed with oil. That is what I usually do.

          2. I like to cube leftover potatoes (about 1/2 inch) and use them with other vegies in a fritatta. Makes a nice, easy, quick dinner.

            1. i like the hash ideas. and hannaone's brekkie, too.

              what about good old 'tater salad?

              1. Spanish Tortillas.... those potatoes would make a wonderful base. Sautee some onions until browned, add the potatoes cubed before adding the egg mixture.

                Heck, anything with eggs!