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Jan 29, 2009 10:08 AM

In search of mini hamburger/slider buns in Vancouver

Does any one know where I could pick some up - something a bit smaller in size than say a hockey puck or the lid of a disposable coffee cup? Need them for a kid friendly event, hence the smaller size requirement. :)

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  1. I have not seen them retail. I wonder if you can source it from a regular bakery. You may want to ask Vera's or a place like that for their source.

    For an alternative - I would check the Chinese bakeries for smallish buns (though they will be a tad sweet)

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    1. I just use those butter tray buns that save-on, sobey's, safeway all sell.

      1. Patisserie bordeaux at 10th adn alma used to make mini "miche" on request. they are awsome. they are 3 or 4" across. I bet many bakeries would make a small bun for you if you asked nicely and ordered enough.

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        1. re: jchaput

          Artisan Bake Shoppe
          (604) 990-3563
          127 Lonsdale Ave
          North Vancouver

        2. I found some small chewy buns at Costco ($4.99 for 24 I think) this week that I used to make small lamb burgers. The kids loved 'em!

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            i second those, they are ciabatta style and very tasty!

          2. Here... and I bought them made by them, but sold at Whole Foods in West Van.