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Jan 29, 2009 08:40 AM

Where to buy venison or wild boar in NJ - moved from General Chowhounding board

I've heard that it's illegal to buy hunted venison (or other animals) because it's not regulated by the FDA. Personally, I prefer wild boar, but haven't seen that in awhile either, and the link below has wild boar as being farm raised in Canada. I truly don't know what to think about raising deer in farms, but that's another topic.

Or will I simply have to try to find a hunter's prep shop and see whether they'll sell me something?

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  1. Truly wild meats, as in hunted by a person are not allowed to be sold to the public. I'd be willing to bet the processors won't sell you any either but it's worth a shot. Your best bet is to buy online. Search in Google and you'll find what you need and more. Unfortunately it's going to cost you a bit in shipping, but if you REALLY want it, it's out there.

    Game meats are commonly sold in restaurants and they are all "farm" raised. It's not a bad thing.

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      I think I missed my chance last week when I met someone whose husband hunted and who had 2 freezers full of venison; she asked what I wanted, and I replied I didn't know. It's up there with things I regret simply because I didn't act.

    2. Why not order from the Canadian supplier? You have the exchange rate in your favor at the moment. I order bacon and other meat products from the US all the time. Going the other way must be fine (I would think) for most things other than beef. I get my stuff usually in under 24 hours and still frozen. Non frozen product usually takes a couple of days. We eat boar regularily and it is a nice change from beef and other "store" meats.

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        For budget reasons, I may have to stick to the bison farm--we can get locally raised brisket or ground for $6.99US/lb, which is on par with grass fed beef prices here.

        Not that I'm complaining, but we're not at the level of ordering meats at $10+/lb +shipping. Yes, I've recently bought US truffles, but those last a lot longer!

        I believe I need to find a hunter who's willing to part with some of his or her's catch (likely wrong terminology, not a hunter yet, although I might be one in the indeterminate future if I remember that my idea is to use the whole animal and let nothing go to waste).

        Readington River Buffalo Farm
        937 County Road 523, Flemington, NJ

      2. Caralien, go to Maresca & Sons, an old style butcher in Sergeantsville. They're on Route 523, just south of the Sergeantsville Inn.

        They may not have what you're looking for BUT they may well know where you can find it. You could phone them but, based on some of your other posts, I think you'd rather visit this great butcher.

        No web site but you can read about the place here:

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        1. re: ambrose

          per the 2004 article, S. Maresca & Sons Fine Meats, 763 Route 523, Sergeantsville, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., (609)397-3543.

          We'll try to get there soon! Thanks!

          Adding to my normal confusion in NJ, it's also listed as residing in Lawrenceville and Stockton.

          S. Maresca & Sons Fine Meats - duplicate
          763 Route 523, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

        2. Here you go...

          D'Artagnan is located on Wilson Avenue in Newark. I do not believe they have a retail outlet, but their products can be purchased in higher end supermarkets, e.g. Whole Foods or Wegmans. They also sell online.

          Very many top restaurants in the Tristate area purchase products from D' they are a premiere supplier of fine foods.....the company was built on providing Foie Gras to the public, but especially to all the top restaurants in New York City

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          1. re: fourunder

            D'Artagnan is good, but none of the products they sell are wild. There is a world of difference between wild & farmed venison and boar.

            1. re: laguera

              I can't speak for that supplier, but I agree there is a huge difference between wild and farmed boar. Had wild boar cut right from the furry leg in Tuscany a year or so ago and eat farm raised boar here in Alberta and, although we enjoy both, there is no comparison in taste. I suppose though the taste differnce could come down to the preparation method. Have boars been domesticated to the point that they taste differnt? Interesting question.

              1. re: foodiesnorth

                I may go for heirloom pig instead of domesticated wild boar, which I know is sold at Cherry Grove Farm and close by.

                My weekend farm and other visits are starting to shape up!

                Cherry Grove Farm
                3200 Lawrenceville Rd, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

                1. re: foodiesnorth

                  The difference in taste has to do with the diet of the animal. I have never had wild boar here but have had it in Argentina. (I have had farm raised boar here though.) Since boars are natural scavengers and omnivores, their diet in the wild is way different than the diet of a farmed boar. (In fact depending on the time of year, the meat can be kind of stinky right after you hunt it!) Venison too. My husband hunts venison in upstate NY, and it tastes quite different than the venison my cousin brings from his hunts in Minnesota. And both are way tastier than farm raised venison. Nothing wrong with farm-raised game, it just does not have the complexity of flavor of the wild stuff I have had.

                2. re: laguera

                  Dartagnan does sell "wild" particular wild boar

                  They also sell some scottich game hens when in season

                3. re: fourunder

                  They do not have a retail outlet, but, you can place an order over the phone and pick it up in person.

                4. If NYC isn't too far to go, Ottomanelli's on Bleeker Street has wild boar. It may be cheaper to buy a rifle, hire a guide, and hunt your own though.