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Jan 29, 2009 08:38 AM

place to buy "fresh frozen" fish?

Anyone know of a place that carries fresh frozen fish? I dont want previously-frozen and then de-thawed, but a place that sells fresh fish that is kept frozen.

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  1. Hi lgj212,

    I think you can just called it fresh fish. If it is fish that still swimming in the tank, that's live fish.

    You can get fresh fish at Citarella and Lobster Place. Wild Edibles at Grand Central also have great selection, albeit a bit expensive.

    1. If you mean fish that's still frozen when you buy it, Trader Joe's has tons. I've never bought it, but it's definitely there. I don't know that you need "fresh" as a modifier. Would someone let fish sit around for a week and THEN freeze it?

      1. Watch out bigtime with Trader Joe's fish. The VAST majority of it is endangered or threatened species! Take the checklist from Audubon's Oceans Project and watch your cheeks turn white looking into Joe's freezer cases. And yes, I know that Whole Foods sells endangered stuff too (shame on ANYONE who sells Chilean Sea Bas, which is actually Patagonian Toothfish and endangered). Just keep an eye on it if this topic is of concern.

        But yeah, if the fish is in a vacuum pack, it was frozen as soon as they could and left that way if the chain of custody was proper. I understand the OP's wish for being able to unthaw their fish themselves. It will taste better.