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Jan 29, 2009 08:32 AM

Detroit Airport?

Is there anywhere halfway decent to have lunch at Detroit Airport?


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  1. National Coney Island is reliable enough especially if you want a classic Detroit-style coney (very messy and if you're flying further, ask them to hold the onions so as to not annoy your seatmates).

    There's a restaurant called Mediterranean Grille in the McNamara terminal that I ate at a few years ago that was decent.

    Other than that, the usual suspects. It also depends which terminal you are at. I haven't been to the new North terminal so am not sure what offerings might be there.

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I concur on the Mediterranean Grille. I ate there last year while waiting for a flight and was very pleased with meal.

    2. In the airport I would say no--save your money. But I'd take the two-minute cab ride here:

      You'll get a taste of this area.

      1. I suppose that it depends on which terminal you're in, and how much time you've got to do it in. The ideal choice, I would say, would be to go to the Westin Hotel at the airport and have lunch there, but that, as you can imagine, would be pretty time-consuming. Other choices would include PizzaPapalis, which is a small Detroit chain offering Chicago-style pizza. It's functional to me, but I'm spoiled by having lived in Chitown for a few years. Lotsa folks in this area think it's great though, and it really is pretty good...but just not up to my standards.

        Other options would be more generic stuff like Fuddruckers, and other quicker-serve options. If you're truly looking for chowish food in *any* airport concourse, I think your expectations might be a bit on the high side, you know? ;)

        1. Cynics and poots! Pay no attention to them.

          If you're passing throught the McNamara terminal (Northwest Airlines and its affiliates):

          Diego's Mexican Cantina under the tram stop by A18. Pretty tasty Mexican, and you might be able to sweet talk one of the waitstaff into letting you order breakfast.

          Sora sushi resto near the center of the terminal, a few doors down from the Westin near gate A35.

          Mediterranean Grill near A54. Some very tasty falafel and vegetarian grape leaves.

          Cuervo Tequileria under the tram stop by A66. Yes, I know they're a chain, but a mighty good one in an airport compared to some of the alternatives. Their salmon quesadillas are quite tasty.

          The Irish Pub on the mid-field concourse by B7. I recall pretty tasty wings, and a yummy beer selection (but it's been a while).

          Avoid Max & Erma's like death warmed over. I used to work at the one and only original M&E in Columbus centuries ago, and it was a blast back then. Now it's just another abysmal interchangeable striped-awning theme resto like TGITuesdayRubyFridayRuckers.

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          1. re: Loren3

            Really? I didn't think I was being cynical so much as pragmatic. I'm surprised at some of the places you've mentioned, since I'm not even familiar with some of them. Go figure.

            1. re: Loren3

              I've been to those Mexican places, and "poot" is definitely a relevant concept.

              Never tried the sushi bar, though. I'll give it a whirl--good to know about.

              1. re: Jim M

                I think the sushi place is good. Sometimes a hot bowl of udon soup just sounds so much better than the other crap you find in the airport, especially with green tea (though their green tea is not very good, sorry to say).

                1. re: IndyGirl

                  I eat the udon bowl at Sora almost every time I fly out of Metro. And the sushi is OK. It can get a little pricey, but it is in the airport.
                  Mediterranean Grill has decent, but not great, humus.

                  1. re: IndyGirl

                    i second the sushi place. if i have time to kill before a fight around lunch or dinner, that is where i go. bowl of hot soup, maybe a roll or some sushi, maybe just a bowl of edemame. last time i flew out before lunch, i was traveling with a co-worker. he chose chili's 2. underwhelming.

              2. We have had breakfast at the Westin several times and it's always been good. Not as time consuming as one might think since so many opt for the fast food options. There is a Cinnabun and Starbucks.
                For lunch Pizzpapalis and National coney island. I have seen the sushi place and Diego's Mexican Cantina but have not tried either. There is also a Gayles chocolates. If you intend to leave the airport like Tip Advisor suggests plan ahead for a cab. Detroit is not like many other cities and it could be a lengthly wait for a return ride.