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Jan 29, 2009 08:29 AM

Corn Tortillas in Western GTA?

Hey folks, I'm planning to serve a Mexican spread for the Super Bowl this Sunday, but I have been having a hard time tracking down some good some corn tortillas here in Brampton. Can any of you recommend a place to get some good corn tortillas and other Mexican goodies like chile de arbol in the Western part of the GTA, preferably Vaughan or Brampton? I really do not want to resort to using boxed taco shells.

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  1. I've picked them up at the NoFrills at Mavis+Eglinton in Mississauga. They're usually in with the cold meats/cheese. They stock an OK selection of broadly Latin American items, too.

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      I've picked up corn tortillas at No Frills on Parliament. Located with the flour tortillas over near the bread.

    2. I buy my corn tortillas at a latin american store on the main street of Milton. Sorry can't remember the name of it. The store is located at the only set of lights right in the middle of downtown Milton.

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        there's a very small grocery store i go to on Queensway east of Royal York called 'Edgars Latin Foods'

        they have a wide variety of mexican/hispanic goodies (prices have been good too)

      2. I've purchased corn tortillas at Ocean's at Shoppers World in Brampton

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