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Jan 29, 2009 08:28 AM

Harrisburg Brunch?

My girlfriend recently moved to PA (I still reside in Baltimore) and Harrisburg is our approximate 1/2 way point. Does anyone have a good recommendation for brunch in Harrisburg? Thanks!

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    1. re: pashibaboy

      Rasberries in the Hilton is good if you are looking for a buffet.
      Hilton Harrisburg
      One North Second Street
      Tel: 1-717-233-6000

      The greatest brunch in Central PA though is Hotel Hershey, about 15 min. from Harrisburg. Opulent, delicious, one you will remember.
      Hotel Hershey
      100 Hotel Rd
      Hershey, PA
      (717) 534-8821

      1. re: pashibaboy

        we went to mangia key and it was FANTASTIC. thank you so much for your recommendation!

      2. I second Hotel Hershey as a great special occasion brunch (on the virtue that jackets are required-- and I'm not much of a jacket-wearer). It's excellent.

        However, this past weekend I enjoyed brunch at Confit in Camp Hill. Food was great and the prices were very reasonable. It is BYOB. This was my one and only time there so far, so I'd be curious to know if overs had good experiences here.

        I don't live in the area, but I would check out Confit again on my next trip. Brunch options seem kind of limited in the area...

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        1. re: xtian

          I love Confit (except the service is spotty at best) I didn't know they had brunch, I'll have to go.

          1. re: xtian

            I love Confit as well, and agree that the service is slow. But the food is excellent for all meals, brunch, lunch and dinner, although the portions are a little large to be truly French!

            1. re: profjmm

              Hey ProfJMM, I see you travel in my circles. Try Pamona's (aka Gettysburg Baking Co)in Biglerville for dinner. BYOB on Route 234 west of Route 15 on your left just before Route 34. You'll be pleasantly suprised. Wed-Sat 5-8 677-7014.
              (besides the great bread but you have to go in the morning for that)

              1. re: pashibaboy

                Just curious...what's the menu like and how are the prices at Pomona's? I'm intrigued since it's a BYOB.

                1. re: jme90

                  the menu is limited , 3 mains and 6 -entree/salad Prices are very reasonable.

          2. The original comment has been removed