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Jan 29, 2009 07:41 AM

Austin Cheap Eats Comfort Food Joints

I've been creating a Google Satellite Map of above average cheap eats comfort food places for cities across America on my website. I've been to some of these a few years ago, but I would rather have a more grounded current perspective from the Austin chow thread. If you have any please post here. If any of the ones listed are not so hot let me know. Profile explains what I'm about. Thanks. Danny

These are the ones I have on the Austin map so far

Dan's Hamburgers
Dirty Martin's Place
Galaxy Cafe
Hill-Bert's Burgers
Hut's Hamburgers
Iron Works Barbecue
Lambert's Downtown Barbeque
Los Comales Restaurant
P Terry's Burger Stand
Phils Ice House
Salvation Pizza
South Congress Cafe
Threadgill's World Headquarters Restaurant
Top Notch

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  1. I'd add Juan in a Million. Their Don Juan breakfast taco is the most filling thing I've ever eaten for only $3.60. I got three extra tortillas and had four very nicely stuffed breakfast tacos. Can't beat that!

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    1. TX Chili Parlor, Taco Xpress, Arandas?

      i didn't really think of SoCo Cafe as "cheap" though.

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      1. re: NirvRush

        thks - had another look at soco - getting rid of it.

        added parlor xpress

        gosh there are a lot of those arandas'

      2. Lambert's ain't cheap and neither is Guero's. Neither one has very good food, either. Guero's does have good margs, though. For cheap, good mexican food, you have to include Tamale House on Airport. For $3.50, you get a beef taco, two cheese enchiladas with chili sauce and rice and beans (regular dinner), served from early morning 'til 3:00pm. For barbecue, you've got to list House Park, open weekdays for lunch.

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        1. re: austinfood

          got some low marks but i'm going to go with your opinion - like their slogan too adding House Park to austin and texas q map...lamberts & guero(bar) 2 of the places i've actually been - i'm not that attached after some reflection...

        2. I really like Milto's. As a college student, you could often find me there. The subs are the size of your face and they easily provided enough for two meals.

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                hi rene - not allowed to post a direct link on the thread. Mods have allowed me to put my site on my profile here. once there look down to right for Austin - Satellite Map there at top as well as individual listings below..

          1. The original comment has been removed