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Jan 29, 2009 07:41 AM

Nice Place to Watch Super Bowl


Someone(fortunately, not myself) has to take some clients out to watch the Super Bowl.
I don't know the clients but I know the host so no regular type sports bars, ESPN Zone, random bars full of drunken yahoos.
I was thinking of something like Spotted Pig but I forget if they have a TV.
Anyway, a nicer restaurant or bar is fine, I am blanking or cannot recall if specific places would have it and I hardly know every place where I am sure this would work.
Not even sure if they are eating but I am sure any nicer bar will have something to snack on.


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  1. Perhaps, Blue Smoke? There's a t.v. in the bar area.

    1. Try 7B on 7th St. & Avenue B. loads of Tvs , free food & Corona, Miller lite & Jim Beam promos...

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      1. re: thursdayclubjason

        Cheap, poor quality domestic beer, Jim Beam and free, no doubt crap food.
        There are tons of places like that, exactly what is not requested.

        Thanks for chiming in RGR. I am sure quite a few places have some TV showing in the bar area at least I just don't want to assume.

        Any other choices are welcome.

        1. re: dietndesire

          You could look in to these places:
          Rare Bar and Grill
          Lugo Caffe
          PJ Clarke's
          Also, I would imagine some steakhouses having what you're looking for. Maybe Maxie's?

      2. libation for a loungey vibe

        1. For a true low key old neighborhood Irish bar vibe, only one tv up in the corner, but quite good steaks apparently, there is Donahue's on Lex between 63/64 (or 64/65). No idea if that is what is wanted, but I wouldn't think it would be a crazy place for the game, but you might want to call and ask the bartender to check on that!

          Oh, and it should be a good game, which is a change from many past games (except for last year ! Hah!)

          1. I think the preferred type of place would be something more hip or chic with some cache and downtown(preferably soho, tribeca, w vill). Spotted Pig is closed that day but something with some cache.
            Old type Irish bars, even if not frat fests are relatively easy to come by.

            Sorry I was not more explicit and thank you to people who responded(unless you posted something that was EXACTLY what I stated I did not want).

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            1. re: dietndesire

              Would a hip hotel bar work? As I have my own place in the city, I am woefully ignorant about hotels and their bars, but there are some nice ones. Like W? Oh rats, there is a nice one in midtown that has all sorts of lovely single malts that might work and I forget the name. Big help I am, sorry. But I'd call some hip hotels and see what they say about the atmosphere on game day. Good luck!