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Jan 29, 2009 07:17 AM

Casual dinner in New Brunswick

Hi, I'm looking for a casual place to take friends (5-8 people total) for drinks and dinner on a Monday. Must not be too busy that a big group of us can't get in (with or without reservation). Must have liquor license and good food.

I've been looking at Old Man Rafferty's and Harvest Moon Brewery. Any thoughts?

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  1. Makeda? Maybe not casual enough, but a great group place. And you get to eat with your hands, which always makes me feel like I'm getting away with something. Old Man Rafferty's is good when you have lots of picky eaters who can't agree, but I never find it exciting. (Though the dessert list is impressive.) It's kind of like a Friday's, in my opinion. The Harvest Moon Brewery food is decent, based on my previous experiences, though I don't know how great it is for groups. It seems chaotic inside.

    1. i would recommend stuff yer face- the bolis are great and they have a pretty extensive beer and drink list. if there are any couples coming, the fish bowl drink is always fun to share. if you are in the mood for something more exotic and want to BYO, i would recommend the new vietnamese place on george street. the food is very good, and it's never full.

      1. alexidarling- forgot to mention that i was never a fan of the food at old man rafferty's. they provide a large selection of mediocre food, kinda like a cross between a diner and cheesecake factory. harvest moon can be hit or miss- some items are good while others fall below mediocre. if you do go to harvest moon, be sure to order the beer sampler and ask the waiter for food recommendations.

        1. Harvest Moon would be my top choice if you are interested on having a beer or two with lunch, they brew some very good stuff, as others have noted. I also recommend highly the bbq calimari app.

          Stuff Yer Face is an all time legend bbut more of a college place than anything else, although great bolis and tremendous beer selection.

          Among others in the area, I think Rafferty's food is pretty darn good but stay away from the specials. The regular stuff is tasty, maybe that's just me. Restricted to having a liquor license, I feel Soho is overrated and Old Bay is not my favorite type food but the tap list for beer is unmatched in the area.


          1. I highly recommend Steakhouse 85. Reviews and discussion here: