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Jan 29, 2009 07:06 AM

Manuel's, Norman's or...?

Hi Gang,
I'm attempting to make a final choice for a business dinner in Orlando on a Saturday evening in late-April. The chef's tasting menu at Manuel's and Norman's sound wonderful. If you had to make choice, which one would you go with? Any other suggestions or places I should consider.

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    1. re: Rona Gindin

      I agree has to be Normans hands down, but get ready to spend some money.

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        Well Ive had great food in Miami , so I know there is such a thing as good food in florida. Yes of course the Cuban food is fantastic. However, Norman's is the most overrated, overhyped restaurant I know of. The "supposedly-celebrety" chef Norman van puke , needs to taste his food. They make things look nice, but the food is poor. On a zagat scale it's about an 18 by NY standards. The foie gras french toast dish is horrible. the foie gras overpowered with cointreau is sickening. The curry mussels were OK but not as good as the curry in most thai restaurants. The mush they call shrimp ceviche or somehting like that is edible but not gourmet by anymeans. Norman's is a rip off,,, the service not very good either,,If you must eat at the Ritz the restaurant called Vinyard Grill has better fish than Norman's, not as fancy , not as expensive, but much better.

      2. A year ago, I ate at both Norman's and Primo's in the Marriott Grande Lakes. I enjoyed Primo's more. I don't think Norman's Orlando is as good as his previous restaurant in Miami.


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          I considered Primo's, but we already have plans for a corporate dinner at Enzo's on the Lake, so I didn't want to go Italian again.

        2. I think it depends upon what you are looking for...if it is ambience with pretty good food and really good service then I would go with Manuels. I think the food is better at Norman's but we have had really bad service there which ruined the experience for us. Also something to consider depending upon where you work/stay is that the Ritz is pretty far out location wise unless you will be in the area. Luma or Ravenous Pig in Winter Park is really good too as another idea but maybe too casual for a business dinner.

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            Last Sat night we ate at Luma and it was good, the crowd was a see and be seen crowd. The ceviche was the highlight of the evening I had a strip & the ceviche my wife had tomato sop and redfish. The next night we ate at Primo and the food was superior, there was not as much silicone or botox in the dining room. Wife had the pork belly and crab stuffed whole bronzino I had the farmers salad & scallop and wold mushroom pasta. The scallops were sublime briny and tasting of the sea. The mushroom sauce was very rich. The bronzino was wonderful also.
            If you are looking for trendy place with the it crowd and good food Luma is perfect. For a more sedate dining room and crowd with excellent food my choice would be Primo. Primo has Itallian influences, but their fresh seafood is so good and not really Itallian in that there is no red sauce.

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              have you thought about Victoria & Albert's.