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TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one...

Annually as the snow piles up and the temperatures go down the same question arises all over the Toronto CH board. “Where can I dine without freezing my toches off to get there?”

This was originally created for the benefit of my girlfriends. We need a list of restos that are spike-heeled-running-distance from the subway. It’s updated annually to reflect the new and the passing so as to not waste precious steps. It is not specifically a list of “the best” restos in town. Its main purpose is function.

While I’ve been to many of these I haven’t been to all. An effort was made to add adventure by having a few new ones to try along the February blahs way to spring thaw awes. I’ve done careful research of opinions on this board and elsewhere for intersections that I don’t frequent to create the newbie list. After all, I have every intention of taking my friends to these places.

It is by no means comprehensive. The grazing range for my friends and I tends to be south of Eglinton and east of Bathurst. CH expertise for the subway stops not covered is very welcome as are restaurants I may have overlooked. This is a community project after all.


KIPLING, 5247 Dundas St W
Apache Burgers, 5236 Dundas St W

ISLINGTON, 3286 Bloor St W
La Petite France, 3317 Bloor St W

Black Angus Steak House, 3277 Bloor St W

ROYAL YORK, 3012 Bloor St W
ViBo, 2995 Bloor St W

Merlot, 2994 Bloor St W

Cru, 946 Royal York Rd

OLD MILL, 2672 Bloor St W
The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Rd

JANE, 2440 Bloor St W
Bryden’s, 2455 Bloor St W

RUNNYMEDE, 2218 Bloor St W
Dr Generosity, 2197 Bloor St W

Villa, 2277 Bloor St W

Strada, 2279 Bloor St W

HIGH PARK, 1874 Bloor St W
Suggestions welcome.

KEELE, 1733 Bloor St W
King Slice Pizza, 1598 Bloor St W

DUNDAS WEST, 1525 Bloor St W
Yummy BBQ, Crossways Mall, 2340 Dundas St W

Blue Bay Café, 2243 Dundas St W

LANSDOWNE, 1287 Bloor St W
Ciros Restaurant, 1316 Bloor St W

DUFFERIN, 1126 Bloor St W
Pizza Roma, 1090 Bloor St W

El Jacalito, 1056 Bloor St W

OSSINGTON, 883 Bloor St W
Lalibela Ethiopian, 869 Bloor St W

Mexitaco, 828 Bloor St W

Nazareth, 969 Bloor St W

CHRISTIE, 726 Bloor St W
Tacos El Asador, 690 Bloor St W

Korea House, 666 Bloor St W

Onara Onara, 648 Bloor St W

BATHURST, 565 Bloor St W
Insomnia Bar and Café, 563 Bloor St W

Sushi On Bloor, 515 Bloor St W

Victory Café, 581 Markham St

SPADINA, 371 Bloor St W
Splendido, 88 Harbord St

Harbord Room, 89 Harbord St

93 Harbord, 93 Harbord St

ST. GEORGE, 323 Bloor St W
Bar Mercurio, 270 Bloor St W

Opus, 37 Prince Arthur Ave

Fieramosca, 36 Prince Arthur Ave

BAY, 64 Bloor St W
Pangaea, 1221 Bay St

Jacques Bistro du Parc, 126A Cumberland St

Studio Café, 21 Avenue Rd

YONGE, 733 Yonge St
Focaccia Restaurant, 17 Hayden Street

Wish, 3 Charles St E

Blu Ristorante, 17 Yorkville Ave

SHERBOURNE, 420 Bloor St E
Groundhog Pub, 401 Bloor St W

CASTLE FRANK, 600 Bloor St E
Suggestions welcome.

BROADVIEW, 90 Danforth Ave
Globe Bistro, 124 Danforth Ave

Allen’s, 143 Danforth Ave

CHESTER, 370 Danforth Ave
Lambros Meze Wine Bar, 397 Danforth Ave

7 Numbers, 307 Danforth Ave

PAPE, 650 Danforth Ave
Il Fornello, 576 Danforth Ave

DONLANDS, 990 Danforth Ave
Dukem, 950 Danforth Ave

Makkah, 1020 Danforth Ave

GREENWOOD, 1177 Danforth Ave
Ten Feet Tall, 1381 Danforth Ave.

COXWELL, 1688 Danforth Ave
Quattro 4 Ragazze, 1792 Danforth Ave

Melanie’s Bistro, 1870 Danforth Ave

WOODBINE, 2072 Danforth Ave
Relish Bar & Grill, 2152 Danforth Ave

MAIN STREET, 2550 Danforth Ave
Grumbels Deli & Café, 290 Main St

Bistro Camino, 2750 Danforth Ave

Suggestions welcome for all stops from Victoria Park to the end of the Scarborough RT Line.


BAYVIEW, 550 Sheppard Ave E
Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, 2901 Bayview Ave

Bessarion, 701 Sheppard Ave E
Suggestions welcome.

Leslie, 1209 Sheppard Ave E
Camros Organic Eatery, 1255 Sheppard Ave E

Don Mills, 1700 Sheppard Ave E
Suggestions welcome.


FINCH, 5714 Yonge St
Jung Soo Nae, 5754 Yonge St

SHEPPARD, 4800 Yonge St
Joons Restaurant, 4852 Yonge St

Memphis Smoke House, 4916 Yonge St

LAWRENCE, 3101 Yonge St
Mezza Misto, 3185 Yonge St

Trio Ristorante And Pizzeria, 3239 Yonge St

EGLINTON, 2190 Yonge St
Zucca, 2150 Yonge St

Quince, 2110 Yonge St

Jaipur Grille, 2066 Yonge St

DAVISVILLE, 1900 Yonge St
Bow & Arrow Pub & Restaurant, 1954 Yonge St

Tabule, 2009 Yonge St

ST. CLAIR, 1441 Yonge St
Didier, 1496 Yonge St

Jaaadu, 1415 Yonge St

Cava, 1560 Yonge St

SUMMERHILL, 1189 Yonge St
Pastis, 1158 Yonge St

The Abbott on the Hill, 1276 Yonge St

ROSEDALE, 1009 Yonge St
Rebel House, 1068 Yonge St

Caffe Doria, 1094 Yonge St

WELLESLEY, 551 Yonge St
Hernando's Hideaway, 545 Yonge St

Volo, 587 Yonge St

Fire on the East Side, 6 Gloucester St

COLLEGE, 448 Yonge St
Daio Japanese, 45 Carlton St

Peach Garden, 45 Carlton St

DUNDAS, 300 Yonge St
Linda, 335 Yonge St

Superior, 253 Yonge St

Oro, 45 Elm St

QUEEN, 171 Yonge St
George, 111C Queen St E

Harlem, 67 Richmond St E

KING, 70 Yonge St
Beer Bistro, 18 King St E

Colborne Lane, 45 Colborne St

Terroni, 57 Adelaide St E

UNION, 55 Front St W
Ki, 181 Bay St.

Takesushi, 22 Front St W


Suggestions welcome.

EGLINTON W, 1300 Eglinton Ave W
Frida, 999 Eglinton Ave W

Il Mulino, 1060 Eglinton Ave W

ST CLAIR W, 370 St Clair Ave W
El Fogon, 543 St Clair Ave W

DUPONT, 278 Dupont St
Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont St

Bistro Tournesol, 406 Dupont St.

MUSEUM, 75 Queen’s Park
C5 Restaurant Lounge, 100 Queen’s Park

Jamie Kennedy Gardiner, 111 Queen’s Park

QUEEN’S PARK, 671 University Ave
Suggestions welcome.

ST PATRICK, 449 University Ave
Japango Sushi & Noodle, 122 Elizabeth St

Midi Bistro, 168 McCaul St

OSGOODE, 250 University Ave
Forte Bistro & Lounge, 133 Richmond St W, Ste 101

Nota Bene, 180 Queen St W

Ematei, 30 St Patrick St

ST ANDREW, 147 University Ave
Monsoon, 100 Simcoe St

Big Daddy’s Crabshack & Oyster Bar

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  1. such an amazing resource. Thank you.

    7 Replies
    1. re: tochipotle

      You're very welcome. I hope that, with help from all, I can map out the entire line.

      Does anyone think St Patrick Station should have included Frank?

      1. re: Googs

        Haven't eaten at Frank but I say sure to including since it is probably about the same distance away from St Patrick as Midi (if not less). As a woman who sometimes likes to wear inappropriate footwear in the Winter, I do appreciate the 2009 version of this list! I'm going to think about some others to add.

        1. re: Googs

          Yeah Frank is close enough to St Patrick station.. it's like there are so many restaurants available but you don't know which ones are worthy to include! For example at St. Andrew's there are a million for tourists but actual good restaurants probably not that many... we're missing Fune though?
          Benihana for Union?
          Starfish for King?
          Le Petit Castor for Rosedale?
          Thank you for the list!

          1. re: Googs

            for some easier mapping organization, you might want to consider google maps (i love me some google... if that wasn't obvious already...) for visualization. here's an example of a map i made with all the locales of places i've reviewed on my blog:

            you can easily allow anyone to edit it and collaborate.

            frank would definitely be an addition of mine for st patrick, based on some tasty fish and that its proximity is much closer than midi bistro.

            re a few of the other suggestions on here. caribbean queen of patties is not a sit down type of place though her patties are my favourite. manpuku has an enclosed space in the food court of village by the grange but doesn't serve alcohol if i recall correctly. it is very homey japanese food but their skills are limited... i would stick to the gyudon, onigiri and udon (though it is very ordinary) but sometimes get the takoyaki senbei just because i really like senbei.

            around christie station you'd be missing out if you didn't try a place with the 5 beers or 1 shochu + dish deals. the only place i've managed to go to so far is camto just east of christie and it is more prettied up than most others. you can order additional food of course but with the banchan and many dishes of complimentary appetizers, you may not need to. seems very ideal for a girls evening out.

            a friend of mine has been happy with the new osteria by terroni that took over the victoria st location. i believe there is some prix fixe situation going on there.

            would consider ethiopian house and tokyo grill (their monthly soba was super disappointing though) for your wellesley stop.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Thanks psp. Frank's a definite add. Just rounding up a few more opinions before Version 2.1 comes out.

              I've often wondered about Tokyo Grill. Being a raw fish fanatic I haven't gotten around to it. I have one good gf that loves Japanese food, but not sushi. Sounds like just the spot.

              How does that menu work at Camto? Do you get a choice of 5 beers with your food or is it 5 beers or food? Colour me confused.

              I had considered mapping this, but thought people typically are looking for something near a certain intersection rather than the entire grid. Given all the research that goes into this in the first place, I thought I'd leave that to someone else. Look! We have a vounteer. Please give a big hand to Suresh.

              1. re: Googs

                tokyo grill - i was drawn because of the soba but that was a flop... otherwise we got an order of tofu (moderately good) and calamari (greasy but nice great textured squid). i'd like to go again to get items like katsudon and what not.. it's perfect weather for it!

                from what i can tell, camto and other similar establishments (there are a lot of them in the koreatown area) work the same way... which is you get 5 beers (typically canadian or bud or something) or a choice of a bottle of shoju and some shot glasses. a plate of food large enough for a good snack for several people is included as well and there is often a list of say 5 or 6 items to choose from. no matter what you get food and drink. i know that camto has different prix fixes, in a sense, and so if you're willing to pay a few bucks extra you can get more interesting choices in dishes of food... in the end i think you're looking at about over 20 possible items not including any other appetizers or dishes from their non prix fixe drinking menu. at camto it starts at around $20 and goes up from there. considering all the appetizer like banchan they gave us... our entire table was filled with food after one order. it's quite a deal though the food isn't the best you can get along that strip.

                note that a lot of places do have this type of menu. even ajuker chicken has it though the selection of food items is much smaller. some places might be more traditional with the food and could be better... camto i enjoy more for a night out because it's a lot more prettied up and cute.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  Doesn't sound particularly like Tokyo Grill will displace Hernando's Hideaway for the Wellesley stop. At least at Hernando's mediocre food is tempered with a decent margarita and Hockey Night In Mexico.

        2. Great list!
          I would like to add "Demetres" 2962 Bloor St W under Royal York Station (girl can't live without the waffles).
          And I would also like to add "Mercatto" 15 Toronto St. under King Station (as I was able to run to the resto and back in my Jimmy Choos just last week)

          2 Replies
          1. re: Hondapendragon

            Jimmy Choos... LOL. Now there's a real test. It was a bit of a toss-up between Mercatto or Terroni for King Station. The fanbase seemed larger for Terroni so I went with it even though it's a tad further. Personally I prefer Mercatto for the convenience.

            Anyone else have an opinion on Mercatto vs Terroni Adelaide?

            1. re: Googs

              Terroni is not exactly DASH, so ill vote mercatto

          2. Great list, googs;)
            I'd add:
            The Coffee Mill, Caren's, Pusateri's Cafe (inside the store) and MoRoCo to the Bay station list.

            Holt's Cafe & Le Gourmand to the Yonge/Bloor station list (bonus that you don't have to go outside the station thanks to the Holt Renfrew Centre & the HBC centre being connected underground)

            Patachou and the Black Camel to the Rosedale station list.

            Athens Pastries to the Chester list (and Astoria for take-out souvlaki- but nothing else imo)

            Island Foods in Village by the Grange for St. Patrick (maybe also Manpuku but I haven't tried it yet)

            Maroli for Christie station.

            5 Replies
            1. re: phoenikia

              phoenika, wow so many good suggestions. I almost feel like I punked out on my homework.

              I passed on Black Camel despite it being unbelievably close because it's more take-out than sit around with friends for a relaxing evening out. Patachou looks terrific. Are they open for dinner now?

              The Island Foods menu looks terrific. Are they licensed for at least beer and wine? I prefer peanut punch myself, but seems a question worth asking. Thanks for this one. I found Caribbean food to be woefully underrepresented on my list despite efforts to locate.

              1. re: Googs

                Coconut Grove, also at St. Patrick Station, is a good Carribean option.
                Ditto Vena's Roti and Carribean Queen of Patties for Lansdowne.

                1. re: Googs

                  The Village on the Grange location of Island Foods is in a food court, with food court chairs & tables and plastic cutlery, so it's better for a quick bite than a place to hang out and relax. Another Caribbean restaurant I like that isn't too far from the Eglinton subway station (maybe 3 blocks north, not far from Good Bite) is Caribbean Bistro. That would be my pick on the subway line for a Caribbean restaurant where you can hang out, and listen to reggae/soca/whatever they are playing. I'm pretty sure they are licensed, but I always order Ting when I'm there.

                  Googs, you're right, Patachou & Black Camel are lunch places- Black Camel closes at 6 pm, and Patachou closes at 6:30 p.m.. Guess I've been doing more TTC-friendly lunches than dinners lately. There are a few tables inside Black Camel, but the place is so tiny that the few tables it has are usually full.

                  Coconut Grove is convenient, but I'm not a fan of their roti.

                  Caribbean Bistro
                  2439 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    It's on the casual end of things, but near Dufferin station is Pam's Roti - unlicensed, but more conducive to dining in and hanging out than Island Foods or Coconut Grove. The roti are excellent, her hot sauce is killer, and she is a total sweetheart. It's hard not to feel warm there.

                2. re: phoenikia

                  I just tried Manpuku maybe one or two days ago. Tried the takoyaki, yaki something (grilled rice ball?) and the udon with the tofu pouch. We didn't see the OTHER menu on the wall until later... otherwise I probably would have tried one of their other dishes instead.

                  The takoyaki was pretty tasty although a bit soft... I would have liked it to be a bit more crispy. The grilled rice ball was pretty bland... it came with soy sauce that you could dip it in.. but again, I thought it could have been more crispy and perhaps even a bit darker. The filling inside was tuna that day... but even if there was no filling I don't think it would have made a difference. Tuna did not have any taste and it was a miniscule amount. The udon soup wasn't anything special just normal udon soup. My SO didn't like the tofu pouch since it was too sweet for his liking.

                  Not a visit that would lead to another one unfortunately. We ended with the ice mochi. They only had their mango flavour that day and I usually like mango so I settled with it. It came sprinkled with some green tea powder. The skin of the mochi was really thick... and the mango ice cream inside wasn't that great. I remember telling my SO that I would give my mochi to him if we could go get belgian waffles later..... an indicator if something is good or not in my opinion is whether or not you would trade it for something else! Anyway... at 4 bucks for 3 of them I thought it was pretty much a rip off since it wasn't good at all.... I thought it would have been homemade and yummier than the packaged ones.. but I think I'll just stick with the packaged ones from now on.

                3. Just a typo fix -- incorrect website for Cava at St Clair ---

                  1 Reply
                  1. re: JamieK

                    Whoopsy daisy. Thanks JamieK. I'll correct that in version 2.1.

                  2. Great list! Would like to suggest Mambo Lounge (120 Danforth, www.mambolounge.ca) for Broadview. Right next to Globe Bistro, if I recall. Terrific mojitos and a tasty tapas menu.

                    1. For Bessarion on the Sheppard Line there's the well known Burger Hut where they also serve Boewer's (sp?) Sausage. Not fine dining but it's burger long time standby.

                      Also there's the new Taro's Fish Market (formerly in J-Town on Steeles). Go on Saturday's you can get more cooked foods. Organic Salmon, fresh Uni, marinated Black Cod etc.

                      11 Replies
                      1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                        Wow. I didn't hold out much hope for the Sheppard Line, but there you have it. Sounds like a good find. Fancy or not, can you dine in at Burger Hut? Do you know if they sell beer?

                        1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                          Just a note that Taro's is not a sit-down restaurant, it's a take-out fish market with some (yummy) cooked foods.

                          Also along the Sheppard line are the restaurants at Bayview Village mall. Personally, I'd avoid all of them except for Oliver and Bonacini. And I do like the chicken katsu don on Kabuki.

                          1. re: TorontoJo

                            Taro's is also not within dashing distance, high heels or not. Ikea would be closer. Or Peking Man. Or the North York hospital cafeteria (or MacDonald's ;->

                            1. re: JamieK

                              not sure if Peking Man is actually a close dash from the Leslie station? I've never walked it, but it appears at the street level exit that you have to do a bit of a trek back up to the set of lights, cross and then walk your way into where the restaurant and buildings are. if there's a faster way, i'd love to know!

                              1. re: auberginegal

                                I don't think there's anything dashable near Leslie station really. But isn't there some kind of bridge thing to get across Sheppard without having to walk all the way to the lights? Or is that just for trains. I'll have to pay more attention next time I drive by.

                                1. re: JamieK

                                  Yes, I can personally attest to Leslie being pretty non-dashable. Down on the Danforth line, Warden is also disqualified from the D&D, unless the bakeries inside the station count - as far as my stilettos are concerned, not so much. I'm pretty sure Victoria Park is a non-starter as well.

                                  And, since the purpose of this list is function...you don't even really have to leave Don Mills station to get into Fairview Mall, which has a Moxie's and a Spring Rolls...{ducking}

                                  1. re: Wahooty

                                    Okay Wahooty. Point taken. Although it removes all the thrill of the kill sport of finding the hidden gem. It's funny. All the stops that involve a shopping mall also involve no food at all. Yorkdale and Scarborough Town Centre are completely devoid of good, independent restaurants anywhere nearby. Toronto Eaton Centre is even a bit of a struggle although it's gotten better in recent years. Anyone remember when Mr Greenjeans was the only place?

                                    VP, Warden, and Kennedy are all so removed from their main intersections that it's challenging. I was hoping someone might know of a tucked away spot. Near Kennedy, does anyone know if Channaman's Caribbean Corner is still good?

                                    Still hoping someone not named Mark McEwan has an opinion on Burger Hut. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

                                    1. re: Googs

                                      Mr. Greenjean's was the place for birthdays when I was in high school... Buffalo chips, virgin pina coladas, and giant sundaes to serve 6 served in an upside down hat-shaped acrylic bowl. Their honey mustard chicken was my favourite item on the menu when I was 16...tried it again about 10 years later and was so disappointed. Actually, I think the Eaton Centre was better foodwise in the late 80s/early 90s (at least for a teenager)- it had a Magic Pan, Lime Rickey's and a Toby's in addition to the Mr. Greenjeans!

                                      I realize Shawarma King's shawarma gets bashed occasionally on this board, but if I'm at the Eaton Centre, my favourite quick meal is the vegetarian plate at Shawarma King.

                                      1. re: Googs

                                        At the other end, Kipling station is in the same category as too removed. It's actually quite a haul to Apache Burger and not worth it, never mind heels or weather.

                                2. re: JamieK

                                  Taro's is half a block walk from Bessarion Station - it's as close to walkable as any place from a TTC station. There aren't really tables but on Saturday you can sit in front of the cook counterside. Ikea is a long walk from Bessarion - at least 5 or 6 blocks. Peking Man also is a tough walk from Leslie or Bessarion (around 3/4 blocks). Burger Hut is not fancy but they do have seating. It's been there for a long time and have their share of regulars.

                                  1. re: JamieK

                                    Taro's is dashing distance from Bessarion station. It's in the next mall over. It's definitely walkable from Leslie, but a little far.

                                    All of those places are probably more walkable from Bessarion. I know because my doctor's is in the same medical building as Peking Man.

                              2. also glad to see this topic, very useful! i'd add Coquine (2075 Yonge St.) to the list for the Eglinton station... www.coquinerestaurant.com

                                1. I'm putting this together on a google map. I'll have it up soon.

                                  6 Replies
                                  1. re: Suresh

                                    THANKS SURESH. It's been a community project to date, but that's really above and beyond. Not sure how difficult it is to go in for the edit once you're done. Just thought you should know I'm still collecting opinions and researching leads. I figure I'll let this coast for another 2-3 weeks and then publish the final version for the year. You might want to hold off. I can e-mail it to you directly if that's of any help to you although I think copy & paste does pretty much the same thing.

                                    BTW did you ever re-post your review of School? Weird that it was pulled...

                                    1. re: Googs

                                      As promised, here is a draft.

                                      I added the phone numbers of the places and urls
                                      This is a work in progress as I need to proof the links and text what not.

                                      But for now, that has all the info from the original post in this thread. Googs, if you can email me the update, ill throw it on there.

                                      I'll check this thread from time to time and update it.

                                      1. re: Suresh

                                        Fabulous Suresh. I've e-mailed my situation to the address you list on your homepage. And don't worry about the "dude, where's my post" sidetrack. I opened the door. You merely walked through it. Still looking forward to reading your experiences at School. Meant to be there for Superbowl, but...

                                        1. re: Suresh

                                          Thanks so much Suresh, and to you too Googs. This is a great resource...I've used it to help me decide where to go tonight for a Subway Dine and Dash.

                                          1. re: janel

                                            I'm glad you've found this useful. I sincerely hope that worked out for you.

                                            1. re: Googs

                                              I don't think you're getting my emails.
                                              Spam folder?

                                    2. How about Embrujo Flamenco at Broadview for tapas? Great atmosphere and amazing live entertainment that doesn't interfere with your conversation.

                                      Creme de la Creme at Royal York (for brunch).

                                      Pilot Tavern on Cumberland near Yonge (great patty melts). (Bloor-Yonge)

                                      My favourite Terroni (the only one I like) is near St. Clair and Yonge.

                                      Crepes a Go Go at Yorkville and Yonge.

                                      I think the latter two suggestions may be a tad far for dashing.