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Jan 29, 2009 06:22 AM

Prices at the "Butcher Shoppe" in Etobicoke?

Hey guys, I've read a lot of posts from here over the years and finally decided to sign up. This board is a great source of info!

Anyway, I've searched the forums and found some references to the Butcher Shoppe in Etobicoke (e.g. retail entrance at the side with no sign, no butcher counter, cash only, etc etc), and I actually stopped by there this morning and saw all of this with my own eyes. One question - how much does stuff cost there? Factory prices, sure, and maybe I'm alone on this but I usually like to know what I'm paying before I drive there. Do they circulate some sort of price list? They don't show prices on their website, understandably I guess. If I wasn't in such a rush, I would've sat there and waited.

So I invite people who have actually purchased something there to enlighten all of us. Did you experience anything being short/out of stock?



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  1. Prices 'adjust' according to your dress. If you seem ethnic the price is lower. WASP's will pay more. However, the quality is excellent - prices are generally rounded to the nearest $5 - it is somewhat wholesale e.g. you have to buy a whole leg of lamb, or a whole tenderloin. But they'll bring out a few and you choose which one you want.
    No prices are posted!

    1. The weekly specials are priced
      U.S. select rib steaks is not worth considering, however, as there will be minimal marbling, and the source will be a huge Midwest feedllot.

      I think they would have to give you price per kg. on anything they wheel out for you.There are a few consumer laws to protect the buyer.

      1. OK place but a bit iffy. You might also check the meat shops up east of Kipling, just south of the Dundas TTC overpass around Dimp's bakery.

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          Any place in particular you suggest? How's the quality/pricing?

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            that meat shop isn't high quality at all tho (the one near Dimps)

            the Butcher Shoppe has great aged beef......i bought several steaks from there a few months ago --- price was made up on the spot (but was cheap)

            for amazing steaks there's cheese botique and even the loblaws on burnamthorpe and east mall has amazing dry aged stuff

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              Erh, which one??? European isn't that bad. Brandt is better. I'm no fan of ButcherShoppe's "improv" pricing--who can run a business like that? Besides, it made me curious about quality(which is OK-ish, at best). I like Aurora at Dixie+Burhamthorpe.Frankly, there's a sharp limit to how much I'll economize on meat quality.

          2. Didn't know about this place. Thanks for the tip. Sounds really great.

            1. I usually get brisket from the Butcher Shoppe because they are one of the cheapest places in the city I've found. I really dislike the lack of pricing and inability of choosing your own meat so I don't usually buy much else from them. I agree with what others have said, prices seem made up on the spot, and in my experience everything is rounded to the nearest $20. They threw in some steaks to my last order to balance out the cost because I didn't have small bills.

              Saying that, the steaks (rib eye and NY strip) were excellent! And I've found the brisket to be quite good.

              Before the Canadian Open BBQ Championships I went to get brisket and pork back ribs from them. They told me they didn't have fresh back ribs and the truck would be back in the afternoon with them. I was offered frozen ribs but politely declined.