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Jan 29, 2009 05:47 AM

Bittman's Herbed Chicken

Did anyone try making Mark Bittman's "15 minute Fried Herbed Chicken" from last week's NYT dining section? I made it last night, using peanut butter instead of tahini....It was pretty darn good. I was thinking of adding some cayenne next time...I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I was wondering about that recipe. Do you think it would also be good with tahini? What herbs did you use? And was it as quick and easy as he says?

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    1. re: NYCkaren

      I didn't have any sage or tarragon in the house, so I used cilantro and parsley...I wouldn't mind trying the tahini, but that's not something I usually have on hand. Very easy...Quick? Took me about 30 mins instead of 15, with the meat fab, mixing the paste, and a side dish. Still not bad

      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        OK, I'll try it this week. Thanks again.

    2. Just watched the video....I'm going to try it tonite!

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      1. re: Genco

        So did you make it, Genco? I made it last night with tahini, sage and tarragon. I thought it was very good. But messy to make, what with smearing the paste on the chicken. Maybe I should have watched the video first.

        1. re: NYCkaren

          tahini, sage and tarragon. definitely a little messy, but no more so than a flour, eggwash, breadcrumb coating routine. it's a keeper. made sandwiches from the leftovers yesterday

          1. re: Genco

            Right. The flour-egg-breadcrumb routine is messy also, in my book. But good. Maybe I need more practice.