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Jan 29, 2009 05:38 AM

Calling all Wu Liang Ye Frequenters--any great veg dishes?

Are there any great meat/fish free dishes?

I am a vegetarian and went last night for the first time. I ordered the vegetarian dumplings, which I loved--they were freshly made and packed with veggies and very tasty.

I also ordered, upon the waiter's suggestion, a fried tofu dish in a red chili pepper sauce. It was really oily for my taste. And not enough vegetables (mushrooms, and scallions and thinly sliced root vegetable--but very few pieces in comparison to the tofu).

Also, is the breakfast good there? I asked the waiter if they had snow pea leave dumplings and he said only during "tea house" in the mornings, which I assume is dim sum?

Thank you!

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  1. Be aware, authentic Sichuan is often oily by some standards. Sounds like you had ma po to fu, which is (wonderfully) oily. The string beans dishes, like string beans with bamboo shoots, might be a better choice for you. They are dry-fried, but no sauce.

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      be careful, most ma-po tofu has pork in it. Same would go for the dried and sauteed string beans.

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        You can order all these dishes without meat.

    2. The Yibin city string beans are excellent, although I think it might have meat in it. Maybe you can order without?

      1. Their vegetarian selection is wide and of good quality. Off the top of my head (some items might be not on the menu, just ask them)...

        Homestyle dofu and mushroom, shredded yellow dofu with cabbage (not a Sichuan recipe), dofu wraps with bamboo and mushroom, sauteed kai lan with fresh garlic are all good.and not oliy at all. And they have some tasty hot and oily dishes, too. :)

        Most recipes can be customized to your taste, often at no extra cost. It is normal to order died-fried green beans without minced meat, just with salted vegetables (ya cai) , or with dried dofu (for an extra $1 or 2).

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          Wow--thanks, diprey. Thanks, all of you!