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Mar 21, 2004 07:44 PM

Hot Wings on the Westside

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Where can I find the best wings on the westside where they know how to make them HOT!!!

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  1. Unfortunately, unless Hooters is your thing, there just aren't too many choices when it comes to Buffalo Wings on the West side. Buffalo Wings & Things on Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City certainly do a passable job, but the wings are on the smallish side, and even the "suicide" sauce isn't all that hot (at least not by hot wing standards), but the prices are right, they do satisfy the hot wing craving and quite frankly, they're the only game in town.

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      i agree with this assessment of westside places for wings. hooters is your best bet to cure any wing cravings - though they are not that hot even with the "3 mile island" sauce they can put on them.

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        Has anyone tried that tiny place, (next to the Venice Pier) on Washington Blvd.? It is the last business on the North side of the street right next to where the bike path and pedestrian path start up towards the Venice Boardwalk area. I am pretty sure it is a Buffalo Wings place as I fly by on my bike trying to keep from running anyone over and scoping out places at the same time.

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          I seem to remember that their hot wings, while quite hot, are not "Buffalo" wings.

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            THere is a place in melrose that has the best hot wings around the place is clled hot wings cafe and its close to pinks the hot dog restaurant

      2. mr. cecil's on pico just west of bundy has the best wings! and beef ribs too. amazing!

        1. Hoagies & Wings has taken over the former Markie D's in Culver City, on the south side of Washington a block east of Sepulveda. This is now their third location since their original shack on Venice near Hauser -- they must be doing something right!

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            Did people actually go to that place on Venice near Hauser? There are no businesses near there, and the neighborhood isn't all that great. So when they started the new locations, were they a response to an original location that was not all that lucrative, or were they supplementary to it?

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              I am not privy to their balance sheets. But in the very early days of that place on Venice near Hauser there was a co-owner/manager/trainer in the back showing the teen girl from the neighborhood how to take orders and deliver service. They stepped out from behind the counter to deliver the food and refill drinks. The food was tasty and reasonable, though I remember being a little surprised that my "philly" cheesesteak came with lettuce and tomato. They cared, and it showed.

              I can't imagine that there was an investment banking conglomerate funding and managing the expansion. More a good product, priced fairly. A lot of hard work. A first expansion to La Cienega and now to Culver City.

              I miss Markie D's. Nobody did a cheesesteak with both sweet and spicy peppers like they did -- when it came out with the waffle fries they were too hot to pick up and eat. But I'm an admirer and fan of Hoagies & Wings. They deserve a try -- there is parking in the rear to the south.

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              I was excited to try this place as I'd read good things about the La Cienega place. We tried the steak hoagie, chicken hoagie, mild and hot buffalo wings. The hoagies were ho-hum. The mild and hot buffalo wings didn't taste much different (just a little spicier for the hot). They were on the small side as someone said above. The flavor was not that great. The place had a strong odor of frying oil and needs to ventilate better. The whole experience was ho-hum. I do not plan on going back and will go to Costco for Wings of Fire in the meantime. Too bad, I was really hoping to become a frequent customer.

            3. If you want hot wings, but not traditional buffalo wings, try them at East India grill on La Brea near Beverly. They will make mild, medium, or hot. They are really good, my husband go there and each have an order. Their naan bread is really good, we love the onion cilantro. The red sauce that comes on the side, ask them to make extra hot, and they will. We then just get onion pakoras, like onion rings, or calimari. Try it.l