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Jan 29, 2009 05:29 AM

Valentine's Day - Chapel Hill/Durham

I'm wondering if people know some restaurants in Chapel Hill or Durham (and the surrounding area) that have special Valentine's Day menus. Price matters a little, so Fearrington House would be a little too expensive. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would contact Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill. My gf and I ate here on Dec. 30, and it was hands-down the best meal of my life. We had an 8-course tasting with wine pairings, and each course was different for the two of us, allowing us each to try a broader spectrum of dishes. Tina, who runs the front, is very enthusiastic about wine and an excellent host, and Chip, the Exec. Chef, is fantastic in preparation and flavors! I can't reccommend this place enough, and I'm sure if you contacted them, they would be more than happy to arrange a special menu or tasting for Valentine's Day!

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        If price is an issue, Bonne Soiree might not be the best option. Although it is definitely worth the cost, my meal there ranks as one of the best I have ever had.

      2. Another one to try is Nana's in Durham - the gf and I had our New Year's Eve dinner here and were quite impressed...the fallow veal was incredible, and the sea bass was the best I have had...

        Could be expensive, though...check it out

        1. Try Elaine's on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill. Good food, romantic setting, and not as pricey as BS or FH.

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          1. Talullas, an upscale Turkish place on West Franklin in CH, has a special V-day menu. And their lounge-y, opium den vibe is kind of romantic, especially if you sit in the little room in the back with the throw pillows and the curtain. Provence in Carrboro is a quiet, romantic little family-run place that specializes in the seafood of the South of France - don't know if they have a special Valentine's menu though.

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              Has anyone eaten at Talullas lately? I used to love that place, and was just talking to my husband about going back, and giving it another chance. The last couple of times we went (over a year ago) it was pretty bad. They changed owners maybe 3 years ago.

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                The last time I ate there was about a year ago, and I didn't notice much difference from previous times I'd eaten there. I always get the manti - little meat dumplings in yogurt sauce - and the shrimp with rosewater and almonds (when they have it).