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Jan 29, 2009 05:11 AM

Lowell area breakfast?

On Saturday I'll be driving from northern RI to Tilton NH, and want to stop for breakfast about halfway. Any good choices from Chelmsford north to maybe Nashua? We'd like something easy on/off the highway if possible. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm going to amend far south as Worcester could work....Lowell would probably be the farthest north I'd want to go.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Having trouble thinking of any great place right off the highway. The Owl Diner in Lowell is great, but not off the highway. Plenty on Yelp and on this board about the Owl Diner.

      Futhur north in Tyngsboro, and pretty much right off the highway is another place I love called Dream Diner:

      1. re: mjg0725

        Thanks! If we can make it that far, I think Dream Diner would be a definite contender.

        1. re: JaneRI

          Owl and Dream Diner are owned by the same family of sisters. Owl is more of a classic diner car with tight booths, Dream Diner is an airy, bright, open restaurant with nick nacks all over. Eggs benny at either place are out of this world. I like the Dream Diner better as it's more spacious.

        2. re: mjg0725

          the owl diner is one of my favorite places in the universe to have breakfast. if you can take a little time off the highway, its worth a stop.

          1. re: andytee

            me too and I love the wonderful melting pot of customers you'll see. Everyone at the same level when you're enjoying great coffee and breakfast. I'm spoiled with their eggs benny, CANNOT get them anywhere like this (except their sister's places: Dream Diner and Rosie's in Chelmsford)