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Jan 29, 2009 04:06 AM

Favorite Super Bowl Food? Recipe or Restaurant?

What's your favorite food for the Super Bowl? Do you make it at home, or get it from a local restaurant? When I lived in Indiana, I would get some boneless wings from Chili's, some chips and salsa and ranch from Hacienda and make some stuff too.

I've got a food poll going on my blog asking the same question...



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  1. Chow posted a recipe a while back for Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Bleu Cheese Coleslaw. Astounding. I will be making it for Sunday since it is a much-requested fave. If you make it, just avoid the tendence to overdo it on the bleu cheese in the coleslaw. In this instance, more is NOT better. Here is the link:

    I'll go post it on your website as well.

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      Last year for the superbowl I made a super-easy twist on chicken wings that was a HUGE hit. It was shredded buffalo chicken lettuce wraps:

      In a crockpot, slowcook chicken thighs in hot sauce and chicken broth until tender, then shred with a fork.

      Place in lettuce cups (Boston, or Bibb lettuce works well.). Then, I topped with minced tomatoes (I know it's not traditional, but it was pretty and added a nice little touch.) I then pureed high-quality blue-cheese dressing to make it smooth, and drizzled over the chicken-lettuce cups.

      Really easy and such a huge hit!

    2. Guac, homemade salsa, and tortilla chips with some melted cheese...Speaking of Super Bowl...
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      1. For almost every gathering, I'm required to make Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip. search for it here on CHOW. i do it with Ranch and cheddar/jack, but many like it with blue cheese dressing and blue cheese.

        1. Sunny Anderson's [Baked] Caribbean Chicken Wings

          I made 10 lbs. -- 10 LBS!!! -- of these last year and they were gone in an hour of putting them out. Making them again this year. I don't understand the two negative reviews at all, I think they were probably a result of user error...

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            Oh, I made those for a party once too! They really are heavenly.

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              I just realized that they have it posted on the site twice, so here is the one with all of the reviews (the reviews sometimes have good tips).


            2. This year my favorite food will be the 50 pounds of crawfish we are boiling. Normally that wouldn't be on the menu, but it is the Saints.