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Jan 29, 2009 03:54 AM

cake pan prep question

Hi, I was reading my newest Gourmet last night and was interested in making the chocolate torte, but then started reading the pan prep directions:

Preheat oven to 300&Deg;F with rack in middle. Wrap outside of cake pan in plastic wrap, then wrap tightly in a layer of foil.

My first thought was wraping a pan in plastic wrap, even though it's covered by foil, can't be a good idea...won't the plastic wrap melt???

What do you think, a misprint perhaps and should I just skip this step and do the foil wrap only? thanks

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  1. No the plastic wrap won't melt . It will keep the batter in the pan, but based on off gassing of chemicals I do not even use it in the microwave anymore. I think if you wrap the pan carefully in foil, and put it on a baking sheet just in case you should be fine.

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    1. re: Stuffed Monkey

      How can the plastic wrap possibly not melt? If i take a pan out of a 300 degree oven and accidentally touch some plastic wrap on the counter, it will melt in a second.

      1. re: danna

        I was wondering the same thing so I looked it up. The melting point of cling wrap is 250-260 and it's sitting in a waterbath which would be at most 212.

        I'd just do double layer of foil, though. I use heavy duty extra long Reynolds.

        1. re: chowser

          ahhh...waterbath...I didn't read carefully. thanks.

    2. For cakes I usually cut a piece of wax paper to fit and haven't had a problem with removing it from the pan (or the cake) after baking.

      I've never wrapped a springform pan with foil. Why is this done? I have put the pans over a backing sheet, however, as some of them seem to drip out from the bottom.

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      1. re: Caralien

        The wrapping is done when a springform pan is going to be baked in a water bath.

        1. re: greygarious

          Thanks! I've only used waterbaths for custards, made in ceramic forms.

      2. Hi, When I make cheesecakes etc. wrapping the pan with a whole sheet of foil works fine. You could line the pan bottom with a sheet of parchment and then close the springform for a better seal.

        Whatever you do DO NOT OVER BAKE! It totally changes the texture and mouth feel.