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Jan 29, 2009 03:53 AM

Oyster Shooters

Can't remember the last time I've indulged in some oyster shooters, but had a craving and am using the Superbowl this Sunday as an excuse to satisfy it.
Don't necessarily have the ambition to shuck will pick up some selects instead.
Was somewhat suprised at pricing at local grocery's.....$6 and change for 8oz........( I won't have many joining me within family/group of friends, unless the beer consumption gets going, so I won't be going to a seafood market to get a shucked gallon).
Anyhow, if memory still serves, I'll also be picking up some Ken's cocktail sauce, some prepared horseradish, lemons, hotsauce...............
What am I forgetting, if anything..........any recs, suggestions, advice , would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love them with a little beer, little cocktail sauce - that's it (particularly if it's good cocktail sauce, otherwise hot sauce and horseradish added in). Yum!! We just had them a few weeks ago.

        1. re: Procrastibaker

          Some feel they call for a saltine or other very bland cracker, but I don't agree, although if they're not on the half shell, it's a good vehicle.

          Champagne and oysters. Especially if you're a Steelers fan ;). Can't imagine beer, but the vodka would be good if it was very cold and either lemon or peppar.

          1. re: Whosyerkitty

            Frozen Peppar in a shot glass, drop in oyster, small dash of Tabasco (optional), hit it. Repeat as needed. Introduced to our gang at Oyster Easter '96, I think it was - this was/is an annual institution in Nashville, held on the Saturday before Easter every year since sometime in the '60s. Founded as a default celebration by undergrads stuck on the Vanderbilt campus over Easter break, oysters and alcohol are and always have been the heart and soul of this jolly event. Them shooters wuz just a-waitin' to happen...

            1. re: Will Owen

              Love them this way, but be careful, they will hurt you!!!

            2. re: Whosyerkitty

              Maybe beer is a Baltimore/Chesapeake thing? This is the only way I know of an "oyster shooter." I'd consider the oyster with a cracker and cocktail sauce just, well, raw oysters. Shooters are usually the oyster actually dropped into a shot of beer with some cocktail sauce, hence the "shooter."

          2. Reading the posts, it seems 'oyster shooter' means different things to different people.

            I agree, Procrastibaker, eating them on the half shell, I'd just call them 'oysters on the half shell' or with crackers, just call 'em 'oysters'.

            To me, a shooter (with oysters or not) is a drink in a shot glass meant to be drunk in one shot.
            Our oyster shooters are made like mini bloody caesars (or bloody marys); in a shotglass, vodka, oyster, salt (or celery salt) and pepper, worcesterhire, Tobasco, lemon, and clamato juice (or tomato juice).
            The beer oyster shooters sound good too.

            Was at a food fest a few years ago. They prepared an oyster shooter as I described. The kicker was their delivery method - you could slurp it down out of a plastic shot glass, but they also had an ice sculpture with a half dozen channels (like a slide) about 3 feet long and angled about 60 degrees. You position yourself at the bottom of the ice slide and the pretty woman pours the shooter at the top of the channel. It slides down, gathering speed, right into your mouth!

            1. Southern girl, cold shot glass, beer, oyster, a little hot sauce and or horshradish and there you go ... I do always have crackers for the whimps. Sometimes they like a bite after. Oh yes lemons too. That is it for me, can I come?

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              1. re: kchurchill5

                darnit!!! After watching CSI Miami a couple weeks ago I have been cravig oyster shooters ever since. It's strange because I've tried a raw oyster ONCE, I'm by no means a fan or anything.

                But our local asian buffet serves them on the halfshell and next time we go I'm taking a shot glass with me.

                I figure a half pee sized ball of wasabi would be a reasonable stand in for horseradish.


                I love wasabi anyway. They of course also have coctail sauce and lemon. ... I'm not big on beer or vadka or anyother kind of alcahol and I love lemon, coctail suace and horsradish (wasabi) anyway so I'll stick to that version.