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Jan 29, 2009 02:11 AM

Looking for spice...

Im a student at George Brown and have a craving for a bit of heat in the current climate conditions we are facing....

What are my best bets along the subway between Kipling and St George?

Should I just head south to china town and grab some Pho and load on the hot sauce? Any other suggestions are very much appreciated.

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  1. South East corner of Bloor and Clinton, orange Korean restaurant, you want to order the Kimchi Soon Tofu, $8.00 best lunch in town for the price!

    1. I'm a big fan of Swatow's hot and sour soup. it should do the trick (Spadina, just north of Dundas)

      1. depending on how much of a meal you're looking for caribbean queen of patties on bloor by lansdowne has some wicked spicy patties. my favourite patties in the city.... the filling is excellent and packed with meat... seems people are starting to fill it up with gelatin!

        otherwise korean is a great bet. i actually had the pork bone soup at ajuker chicken and much prefer it over the chicken! very little potato but two large pieces of bone to pick out really tender and delicious pork. finding most other places cooking it to a dry mess these days. very nice heat!

        1. if you're willing to head over to the yonge/dundas area, hit up Salad King (335 Yonge). Thai food, heat is customizable through a "chili scale" - 1 chili being bleh, 20 chilis being a trip to the 5th level of hell. If you love the heat, try something in the 10 chili range.