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Jan 28, 2009 11:24 PM

Great Italian in Dallas for Special Date

I will be in Dallas next weekend and am looking for a nice Italian restaurant to take my date. Somewhere with great service and a good selection of wine would be nice. About 100-150 for both of us. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Bugatti's off NW Highway: small, romantic, and their Seafood dishes are divine :)

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      Nonna in Highland Park is getting rave reviews. You need to call in advance and make reservations if you want to eat there.

      Arcodoro Pomodoro also gets good reviews.

      Positanos is another good pick. Spectacular Sea Bass.

      You can check to read reviews on both.

    2. Best in Dallas: Italian (as provided by the Dallas Morning News Guide section)

      Clicking the restaurants name with provide add'l review info. I'm sure it goes without saying these are provided by "professional" reviewers. In my case, sometimes I agree with them, other times, not. But it will provide you with restaurant ideas and some degree of insight into each.

      While Nonna Tata is in FW and would probably not be considered for this occasion, neither would it be appropriate as the seating is small and cramped.

      1. I have heard that Keiichi in Denton is worth the drive both for the sushi and Italian. I called last night for reservations tonight (friday). They were booked so might try calling early for your trip! The sushi chef was a former chef at Arcodoro Y Pomodoro both at the Dallas and Houston locations, so he knows his Sardinian classics.

        It is crazy small about 10 seats large and for Denton to have something like this is a rareity. $100 - $150 here in Dallas is quite a bit of might drop that at Nonna in Dallas but that is Uptown for you. Also something you would expect if Nonna had a feature in Bon Appetit magazine (Sept 08).

        1. I think Adelmo's on Cole would be an excellent choice. Excellent food and great wines at moderate prices.

          1. Thanks for all the options!

            I havent decided yet, but I know we will be going for dinner on Sunday. I will let you know how it is.


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              There is a place in North Dallas at Frankfort and the tollway called Bene Bene it has really great Italian and a nice wine list. It's a cozy little place and you might want to call for a reservatin. Also in Plano at shops of Legacy there is a beautiful very romantic place called Nicola's it has very good food and the Atmosphere is awesome.