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Jan 28, 2009 10:33 PM

San Diego Closed restaurants from the Down Economy


I think we should keep track of this and what opens in their place.

Here are some closed restaurants so far:

Chive Restaurant
Gemelli Restaurant
Gemelli Pizza
Side Bar
Cafe Cerise (although it closed before the economic dip)
Ole Madrid
Crudo - Little Italy
Little Italy Bar and Grille
Exy Restaurant
Commonwealth Cafe
Galileo 101
Tesara - Gaslamp
Bully's La Jolla
Turf Club (although I think it moved)
Wine Encounter
Jade Theater

There are many more I am forgetting.

Please add to thread any I am missing, and what is going to open in its place.


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    1. the economy didn't get Turf Club - greedy landlords did. They are up and running in La Mesa now.

      Wine Encounter was closed but has re-opened with new management.

      I didn't know Commonwealth had closed down. That was the place on 30th that claimed "Late Night Eats" but closed at 11-12 correct?

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      1. re: MrKrispy

        Bud's Louisiana- Closed because of greedy landlords also.

          1. re: honkman

            Oh yeah, I ran into them one day and they told me about that.


        1. re: MrKrispy

          Commonwealth closed due to permit issues but has reopened in the past few months with new owners. They can no longer stay open into the wee hours (neighbor noise complaints) and now close earlier.

          1. re: Ewilensky

            The Turf Club didn’t move, but is under new management (the old landlords) at its previous location. The previous owners who started the Turf Club opened a new place in La Mesa, The Riviera Supper Club And Turquoise Room.

            Riviera Supper Club
            7777 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91941

        2. I'm pretty sure the economy did not get the two Gemelli operations.

          Guild, recently closed, may be a victim though.

          Kinda hard to generalize though given how tough this business is even in the best of times.

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            1. As others have pointed out, it's hard to say how much of this is really due to the economy. That said, it wouldn't surprise me at all. I know for myself I'm eating out much less frequently than I used to, and I always tended to eat at moderately priced venues anyway. In this kind of economic climate it seems pretty silly to drop $50 on a meal for two considering how many groceries that same money will buy.

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              1. re: Josh

                The same is true for me, and it seems like the change is permanent. My family has found other ways to entertain ourselves.