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Jan 28, 2009 10:07 PM

lunch: taking advantage of my mid-week vacation day


i'm taking a random vacation day next week, with the goal of doing absolutely nothing. i was thinking that it would be cool to check out a place for lunch that is either closed on weekends, or just too busy to deal with.

shopsin's is currently in the lead, but i am open to any other suggestions. if you don't mind also providing the ideal time to go, that would be cool too.

i assume most places would be best to check out some time between lunch and school dismissal--maybe 2:15ish?


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  1. Have you been to The Spotted Pig? I've been for lunch a couple of times around 1:30 - 2:00, and had no wait.

    Oh - and I like to go to Pearl Oyster Bar for lunch when I can, since they are not open for lunch on the weekends.

    Also - Ssam Bar.

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      I second Spotted Pig. I had their fabulous blue cheese burger at lunch there not too long ago.

    2. Eleven Madison Park stopped serving lunch/brunch last July. For lunch Mon.-Fri., the menu is now 2 courses for $28, each additional course is $14, and desserts are $12 each. In tandem, the wine list has a "Page $28" -- that is, a selection of bottles, half bottles and glasses for $28.

      Service is always cordial and professional. During the day, with the light (and, hopefully, the sun) streaming in through the huge windows facing the park, the gorgeous space takes on a magical quality.

      Lunch is served between noon and 2 p.m. It doesn't matter when you book. You can relax because you will never be rushed out.

      1. Perry Street is also great for lunch! It's a real treat for me since Im seldom in that area. I just love that area, though and wish I were in the 'hood more often. And the food is wonderful.

        1. I second Perry St. I was there a couple of weeks ago for the $24 lunch and it was almost empty, but it was one of those arctic days. They serve lunch until 3. Everything was delicious and the service was great. They also had an excellent $6 cotes du rhone by the glass. Sunny, with a view of the west side highway (?) and the Hudson. Ssam bar also has a $24 lunch, but you can probably spend less there if you don't get the prix fixe. (Be warned, David Chang was on Martha Stewart so the hordes may be descending on Ssam and Milk Bar.)

          1. Le Bernardin for lunch. the prix fix lunch is a bargain if you don't feel like forking out over $200 for a meal. Details can be found here: