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Jan 28, 2009 09:54 PM

Ramblas at the International House Hotel

Absolutely FANTASTIC dining experience! FInally New Orleans has a great tapas restaurant that is far from gimmicky or trendy. Great food and excellent service in a very very comfortable environment. Go for the special Chefs tasting....which for $40 per person is an incredible deal. You'll get to tast just about everything on the menu and its all served by extremely knowldegable wait staff who really know the menu, the food, and ingredients. The sangria was also top notch.

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    1. An excellent restaurant and fun environment. Those guys have a top notch menu there.

      1. Ramblas IS fantastic. Try the socca dish. Fantastic. The chef should be congratulated!!

        1. Thanks very much. Heading to Nola tomorrow and staying at IH.

          1. Went there late last night after Krewe du Vieux. I wouldn't say the food blew me away, but it was late at night, it wasn't crowded, and the service was polite. We got the pommes frites [almost as good as the Delachaise!], the five-onion tortilla [excellent], the empanadas [good], the serrano ham [good] and the sausage-stuffed calamari [perplexing]. I'd go again for sure but skip the calamari. Frankly, I think they were about to close, so we were just grateful they seated us. It was a nice surprise.

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              I liked the calamari. Different but good.