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Jan 28, 2009 08:55 PM

Daikokuya Coming to Monterey Park

Saw a sign today at the Daikokuya in Little Tokyo announcing the opening of the Monterey Park location in mid-February.

Here's the address:

111 N. Atlantic Ave., #241
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Hope it's good!


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  1. wow....same location as shin sen gumi!
    looking forward to it

    1. Thanks for the info thehungryghostkid.

      Like rickym13 said: Wow, I can't believe they opened up right in the same plaza as Shin Sen Gumi! Luckily it's the Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori & Shabu Shabu, and not the Ramen-ya, or else that'd be a big slap in the face / huge "challenge gauntlet" thrown down by Daikokuya. :P

      But this may not be good news: Daikokuya's first expansion into Costa Mesa has resulted in some of THE worst Ramen I've had in the past 3-4 years. Hopefully the Monterey Park location will actually be closer (or surpass) their Little Tokyo store's execution.

      1. Looks like it's going to be in the old Genki Sushi spot on the backside. A low visibility location, but the Daikokuya buzz should bring it plenty of customers.

        1. Open last night, dinner only 6-12.
          Have not tried it.

          1. tried it last night. there was a bit of a wait as the space is tiny. i would guess 20 table and 10 bar seats total. self-written name on paper waiting list like little tokyo location. not sure if it's due to different branch or because of new-ness of grand opening, the menu is limited. right now it's a laminated hand written front and back with another for drinks. there are no ramen/rice bowl combos offered, temporary i hope. however, there are appetizers and rice options i haven't seen at the original. got straight to the point and ordered the ramen, katamen. the noodles indeed arrived firm at request. the broth itself disappointed, and it didn't help that it was only a notch above warm (while the noodles were hot). soup was missing the pork flavor i expect from tonkotsu. perhaps my fault for not ordering kotteri, but this soup was pretty lean. highlight was the egg, nicely soft-boiled with a golden molten center. can't say i've ever had it any way but hard at little tokyo. other standard accompaniments included lots of sprouts, green onions, and skimpy on bamboo. service was jittery: customers served not necessarily in order seated, spilled soup from cook handing over bowl to bar patron, wrong food delivered. i'd have to give it a few weeks before returning for another visit.

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            1. re: zack

              FWIW it's been more soft than hard the last few visits I've had @daiko LT

              1. re: zack

                forgot to mention about the chashu. another disappointment, tasted like left over pork from previous days.

                1. re: zack

                  well, now that's just major major fail since the chashu @LT is awesome.

                  1. re: zack

                    I had it at the monterey park location a couple of nights ago and didn't think it was much different from little tokyo version. My chashu tasted as good as the original. But this place is really small. There's probably only 8-10 tables. Service didn't seem that bad. All the staff there are familiar faces from the little tokyo branch.

                    1. re: peppermonkey

                      I never thought the ramen here was all that great. I know I get blasted on saying this on Chowhound, but I enjoy shinsengumi ramen much more than Daikokuya or Santouka. But since I live closer to Monterey Park than Little Tokyo, I'll give this new Daikokuya outpost a try. However, the Daikokuya fried rice is the most tasty, just like mom's.

                      1. re: nomo_fan

                        went there last week and thought ramen was ok/good.....the egg in the ramen was great!
                        i loved their fried rice!