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Mar 21, 2004 02:37 PM

Original Pancake House

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So I dragged the missus out of bed at 8 this morning (no small accomplishment, that) in order to head down to Anaheim to try this place. The drive wasn't bad at all -- took about 30 minutes. We got there at about 8:45 and were seated immediately, but by the time we left at around 9:45, there was what looked to be a substantial wait.

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal, but I've gotten kind of picky over the last couple of years. There just don't seem to be that many breakfast places that serve food I like better than my own cooking. The OPH, on the other hand, does a great job with dishes I've no idea how to prepare. I had the apple pancake, which was stunningly good. Hot, caramelized apples baked into a thick cinnamony pancake with a texture almost like hot bread pudding -- really good, and unlike anything I've had before. Mrs. K had the dutch baby (served with mix-your-own-Zitronenguss), which was also delicious. We shared a couple of scrambled eggs, which were fine, but the pancakes were really the thing here. We will absolutely return. (I wonder -- are the corncakes any good?)

Also, since Westminster is pretty close to Anaheim, and since I had to come downtown to work today, and given that there's really not much around downtown on weekends, we detoured by Top Baguette (thank you Professor Salt) on our way back. Sometime late this afternoon, when I eventually get hungry again, I have a meat ball and a chicken banh mi waiting for me -- in the mean time, they are filling my office with a truly wonderful smell. (By the way, how is it possible for two sandwiches to cost a grand total of $2.50?)

Ah, it's great to be a hound in LA!


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  1. The corncakes are my favorite at OPH. I have a pretty substantial appetite, and I cannot eat a full order of 6. I usually ask for a half-order along with a side order of bacon, extra-crisp.

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    1. re: Dorothy

      I went to the one in Poway (near San Diego)...had the baby dutch, which is one of the BEST things I've ever far as breakfast goes. It's like yorkshire pudding except with butter and powdered sugar (i squeeze a touch of lemon on it just for a little added somethin'). It's fluffy, eggy, and light.

      1. re: Dorothy

        I went on Sat. We were told there would be a 10 min wait. And in ten mins we were seated. The waitress brough us coffee and OJ. The coffee was hot and fresh. The OJ was nice and fresh.

        I ordered eggs over medium and an order of bacon. Much to my surprise the eggs were perfect. I don't know which is harder: getting a steak or an egg cooked right. The bacon was crisp and actually hot.

        My friend got the potato pancakes and she loved them. The best she's had in a long time. Her eggs over easy were perfectly cook.

        The service was excellent and we'll go back again in the near future. Since baseball season is coming up this might be our Sunday morning place to eat before Angel games.

        1. re: MDHound

          Where is OPH ? Are the Potato Pancakes similar in size and appearance to regular conventional pancakes ?

          I've found there is some variance to what people consider "Potato Pancakes" - I used to work for a small chain of family rest. called "Village Inn" that made AWESOME Potato Pancakes - they were so good - looked very close to traditional pancakes - had onion and tasted great with AppleSauce for a topping

      2. I confess to being a OPH junkie and have sought them out wherever they exist. I have been to the Poway branch (the original Original Pancake House for me), the Anaheim branch, the Yorba Linda branch and the branch in Portland Oregon. The Yorba Linda branch did not hold up to the rest, but otherwise the chain is equally as good wherever I try them. I have been told on good authority that the coffee is AWFUL (and this is equally true at all branches), but since I only drink tea, it isn't a problem. I am a Dutch Baby/German Pancake fan myself, but I have never heard a complaint about any of the pancakes there. Cheechakos unite!

        1. p
          Professor Salt

          I've only been to the OPH in Laguna Niguel, so I'll have to stop by the Anaheim locaion. Sadly, Gurlfren is back on Atkins, so she will not have as much incentive to go with. Guess this means I won't have to share my pancakes, mwahaha.

          Contrary to mag's post, I recall the coffee being pretty good at the LN location. Will have to reasesss next time.

          David, glad you checked out Top Baguette. Hope they were still in good shape by the time you got around to eating them. I like that they'll pack to-go orders with the veggies on the side in a baggie so's they sog the bread. Good customer service, on top of good sandwiches!

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          1. re: Professor Salt

            Oddly enough, some folks like MDHound have the willpower to remain Atkins-esque at OPH! Their eggs (including the omelettes) and breakfast meats are very good. So your SO, Professor S., will do fine there.

            And, yes, the Yorba Linda store (although owned by the same Ron who owns the Anaheim store) is DEFINITELY not as good. Ron admits it himself. One of Ron's sons runs the Anaheim store and another runs the Yorba Linda store. The Yorba Linda son puts too many eggs in the pancake batters and the cooks there are just not careful -- things can come from the kitchen under done or burnt.

            So when in Central OC, it's the Anaheim OPH! They're open 6:00 am - 2:00 pm Tues - Sun.

            1. re: Professor Salt

              I liked all three of the banh mi we tried, but for me, the meatball a cut above the rest -- a perfect balance and combination of flavors. Thanks for the recommendation.

            2. went to the one in anaheim. everything was great except 2 things:

              -they don't have real maple syrup
              -the coffee sucks

              the maple syrup thing is a deal breaker for me. pouring corn syrup with brown food dye on their pancakes is like putting a-1 sauce on a luger's steak. it shouldn't be done. it's a real shame and a huge disappointment. if someone knows of a pancake place in north oc that serves maple syrup i would be very appreciative if you shared that info.

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              1. re: awl

                I completely agree with everything you just posted, awl. Bad coffee and cheap syrup. I wrote a little review about this place with pictures in my blog:

                1. re: awl

                  There seems to be significant variation in the "details" between OPH franchises. The one I used to frequent in Atlanta (at Briarcliff and Cheshire Bridge) offered real maple syrup and real cream for your coffee. The one in Redondo on PCH uses half-and-half, and I think they serve fake syrup, though don't quote me on that... I haven't had 'cakes there in awhile.

                  The meats are great there... as are the hashbrowns. The corned beef hash is excellent.

                2. I really should try the pancakes but I can never get past my favorite - their homemade (?) corned beef hash and over easy egg with potato pancakes.
                  Unless they've changed coffee brands recently, I haven't retched from the joe at the Redondo Beach location.