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Jan 28, 2009 07:53 PM

Goat meat!

Hey everybody, I am looking for goat meat in Orange County, in south Orange County preferably. I heard Mexican markets may have it. What do you think? I am cooking Indian food for my family and I need to find some goat (mutton)! Any ideas on where I could get it? Thanks.

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  1. most of the central/south american carnicerias in my area (west LA) carry it as "chivo". Portuguese or cuban communities would have it in their local markets as well....

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      Please confirm that you're seeking the correct type of meet, as Mutton is generally known to be sheep. I think I read online that in some parts of Asia (maybe India?) the word "mutton" is used to refer to goat. You should verify, and be very careful of your choice of words because most butchers will give you lamb/sheep if you ask for "mutton." Any latin market, especially Cuban or Mexican, will have "carne de chivo" (goat meat). Hope this info helps.

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        I like the goat (and the carnitas and the tongue) at El Toro Bravo on 19th in Costa Mesa. You can get it pre-cooked by the pound or have them make a tasty taco.

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          Although generally English speakers do use mutton to refer to sheep, I just bought some goat from a Mexican grocery and they did have it labeled as mutton.

        2. Super Irvine is a Persian market. They have both goat and lamb. Oddly, I've never seen lamb loin, but the less "choice" parts, like breast meat, leg, kidney, heart and lamb tongue always seem to be in stock.

          The goat I've seen here always seems fresher and in better condition than the Mexican markets, where frankly, the goat looks old and (generally) past its prime.

          Super Irvine is on Culver, just south of the 5 freeway. Look in the back corner of that strip mall, behind Denny's.

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            Similarly, Jon's markets (Armenian, mostly) tend to have various cuts of goat in their meat cases - or at least the one on Glenoaks in Glendale does.

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              Thanks for the post, I was looking for a Middle Eastern grocery in the OC.

            2. In South OC, you can always try Jon's markets (since they will tend to lean Mexican in the area) for goat. If you want a more interesting shopping experience, there are lots of Mexican carnicerĂ­as to peruse all over the county (especially anywhere around Santa Ana), as well as Asian and Middle Eastern markets. My favorites when I lived down there were A Chau (a Viet supermarket on Magnolia and Edinger in Westminster) and Altayebat (a halal butcher/market on Katella in Anaheim).

              Good luck in your search!

              1. I believe you may find goat meat at Wholesome Foods on Mickelson in Irvine. They have frozen packages, I believe, or pre-packaged goat meat near the meat department at the right rear of the store. Very tasty; I had some a few weeks ago in a curry. Also you might try Copelands Family Farms ( web site for their goat meat; if you do so let us all know how it turned out.