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Jan 28, 2009 07:27 PM

Best eats outside the I-5 corridor

So I've enjoyed some of the recommendations given in the I-5 corridor. But lots of times, I'm outside of same. Where are the good eats there? I travel all through WA, and previously all through OR as well. Anything goes on this one.

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  1. You MUST be more specific than that :) Where on earth do you go???

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    1. re: c oliver

      & here I was so excited. Someone knew SOMETHING about SOMEWHERE other than SEA, PDX, Eugene and nearby environs. NOT.

      I go, let's see. I-90 through WA. 395 through Spokane, Tricities, Pendleton, Baker City etc. 84 up the gorge. 97/197. coastal route through Oregon. 31s Metalline Falls and Silver Lake. The various linkages to the coast.. McMinnville, Eugene, Aberdeen. 2. & at any given time I might make a detour from above listed routes.

      Guess I won't even bothering that the 'Elsewhere in America' splits out all the Hawaii posts.Just too many who don't know where elsewhere is anymore.

      1. re: munching marmot

        Yikes but thanks. We live in Grants Pass (on I-5 so I won't "go there"). But I'm going to sleep on this and get back to you. We have fun with fish and chips in Port Orford at the Crazy Norwegian. More later.

        1. re: munching marmot

          If you are heading east on I-90 and have time to stop in Ellensburg, I really like The Valley Cafe. Nice meals, reasonable prices, good wine list.

          1. re: munching marmot

            La Rosa in Bend, OR (Mexican), awesome hibiscus margaritas & lobster/crab ravioli.
            Nehalem River Inn south of Manzanita on the coast. Not sure if they are serving lunch, but their dinner is incredible.
            Also the Victorian in Bend. Their breakfast is always a treat - I almost always get the warsaw potatoes. I think they serve lunch during the week.
            Local Ocean Seafood, Saffron Salmon, and April's, Panini Bakery in Newport. Local Ocean & Panini are both good lunch desinations. Get the fish tacos at Local Ocean. I keep trying to duplicate their fennel slaw. Panini (near Nye Beach) has incredible bread. Aprils and Saffron are more for dinner.
            Kind of out of the way, but Steamboat Inn on the Upmqua, east of Roseburg.

            Ashland - Cowboy Cafe.


        2. I recently heard Jane and Michael Stern talk on The Splended Table of their visit to Ecola Restaurant in Cannon Beach, OR. They highly recommended the fish & chips, but it sounded like all their seafood was wonderful.

          Ecola Seafood Restaurant
          208 N Spruce St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

          1. Ranch House BBQ outside of Olympia. We always stop on the way to the ocean. Best barbeque around – and they've got the trophies to prove it. they have had some weather problems – check out their web site to see – but will reopens feb. 9. i'll be there.